JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 8

JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 8JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 8

JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 8. Hi everyone! In this article, LearnJapanesedaily will introduce you to the JLPT N3 Grammar.

Let’s take a look at the next 5 structures.

Structure 36 :



Even though saying ~/ that but ~
Used to add a change or a limitation to the expected thing that is mentioned in the former clause of a sentence, assuming in reality, the mentioned thing isn’t that highly expected.

For example:

Yamada-san wa watashi no tomodachi da to ittemo, kanojo no tanjoubi ga wakaranai.
Although I said that Yamada is my friend, I don’t know her birthday.

Nihon ryouri ga sukida to ittemo, tenpura dake desu.
Although I said that I like Japanese food, I only like tempura.

Structure 37 :



Just do V
Used when an older person talk a younger one or a superior to a subordinate. Also used when close friends talk to each other.
Equal to Vなさい

For example:

Kono ryouri wo tabete goran.
Please eat this dish.

Sono kotoba wo jisho de shirabete goran.
Look up that word in your dictionary.

Structure 38 :



Just do V/ Don’t do V
An indirect order. Different from an indirect speech as we don’t have to convert the pronoun.

For example:

Sumisu-san ni watashi ni denwa suru youni itte kudasai.
Tell Mr. Smith to call me.

Watashi wa koko de matsu youni iwareta.
I was told to wait here. 

Structure 39 :



Been told/noticed/scolded/mad at to do V (to not do V).

For example:

Sensei ni gomi wo suteru na to iwareta.
I was told by my teacher not to throw trash away.

Masuku wo tsukero to chuui sareta.
I was warned to put on a mask. 

Shashin wo toru na to chuui sareta.
I was warned not to take pictures.

Structure 40:



Been asked to do V or not to do V for them.

For example:

Tomodachi ni, okane wo kashite kure to tanomareta.
My friend asked me to lend him some money. 

Kare ni kekkon shite kure to iwareta.
I was asked to marry him. 

Above are the JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 8. If there is anything that you find it hard to understand, feel free to common below.

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