JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 8

JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 8JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 8

JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 8. Hi everyone! In this article, LearnJapanesedaily will introduce you to the JLPT N3 Grammar.

Let’s take a look at the next 5 structures.

Structure 36 :



Even though saying ~/ that but ~
Used to add a change or a limitation to the expected thing that is mentioned in the former clause of a sentence, assuming in reality, the mentioned thing isn’t that highly expected.

For example:

Shuumatsu wa ryokou shimashita. Ryokou to ittemo, chikaku no onsen ni itta dake desuga.
Last weekend, I went travelling. Saying travelling but It’s just the hot stream next to my house.

Konshuu wa isogashii to ittemo, senshuu hodo janai.
It’s been a busy week, but still not as busy as last week.

Structure 37 :



Just do V
Used when an older person talk a younger one or a superior to a subordinate. Also used when close friends talk to each other.
Equal to Vなさい

For example:

Wakaranakattara, sensei ni kiite goran.
If you don’t get it then go ask the teacher.

Mouichido yatte goran nasai.
Let’s try again.

Structure 38 :



Just do V/ Don’t do V
An indirect order. Different from an indirect speech as we don’t have to convert the pronoun.

For example:

Tanaka-san ni watashi no heya ni kuru youni itte kudasai.
Tell Tanaka to go to my office.

Tsuma ni ie ni wa tabako o suwanai youni iwaremasu.
I’m banned from smoking in my home by my wife.

Structure 39 :



Been told/noticed/scolded/mad at to do V (to not do V).

For example:

Isha ni sake o nomu na to iwareta.
I have been told by my doctor not to drink alcohol.

Sensei ni motto benkyou shiro to iwareta.
I have been told by my teacher to study harder.

Chichi ni, motto hayaku kaere to chuui sareta.
I have been told by my dad to go home earlier.

Structure 40:



Been asked to do V or not to do V for them.

For example:

Tomodachi ni, Tanaka-san no denwabangou o oshiete kure to tanomareta.
I was asked to give Tanaka number.

Ooya ni, genkan no mae ni okanaide kure to iwareta.
I was told by the landlord not to put at the front door.

Above are the JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 8. If there is anything that you find it hard to understand, feel free to common below.

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