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How to say goodnight in Japanese

Hello everyone! Surely when we first learned Japanese, we were familiar with the common way of saying [お休みなさい] (oyasumi nasai) or [お休み] (oyasumi). This is a very simple and common way to say goodnight in Japanese and also a goodbye when meeting someone in the evening. In this post – How to say goodnight in Japanese – Learn Japanese Daily will introduce to you 7 different ways to say goodnight in Japanese.


How to read : sorosoro ofuton hairune 

そろそろ means “soon, momentarily”, おふとん means “futon, Japanese bedding consisting of a mattress and a duvet”, 入る means “to enter, to go into”, ね means “right?, don’t you think”. This sentence expresses the meaning “It’s almost time to get under the blanket”. This sentence is like a reminder to someone to stop what he/she is doing and goes to sleep. For example, you are reading a book and your friend or your child is playing game, then you look at the clock and see that it’s time to go to bed, at that time, you can say “そろそろおふとん入るね” to your friend/your child.


How to read : iiko dashi nerune

How to say goodnight in Japanese

This sentence expresses the meaning “Sleep well, baby/Sleep well like a baby”. You can say this sentence to your child or even your lover as a joke. Tell your lover to sleep well like a baby 🙂

良い夢みてね or 良い夢見ようね

How to read : yoi yume mitene

This sentence means “Have sweet dreams/Sweet dreams”. 夢を見る means “to dream, to have a dream”. With such a meaning, this sentence is mainly suitable for couples who are in love. Or you can say it to your child.


How to read : mata atode yumede aouze

夢で (yumede) : in dream, 逢おうぜ : Let’s meet each other. This sentence means “See you again in our dreams/Let’s meet in our dreams tonight”. This sentence is probably only used for couples 😀

お前の声が聞きたくなっただけ おやすみなさい

How to read : omae no koe ga kikitaku natta dake oyasumi nasai

This sentence means “I just want to hear your voice, good night”. This is one of the ways to say goodnight in Japanese that expresses love in a very cute way.

Goodnight song in Japanese

The name of this song is “おやすみ”. It has cute ways of saying “Good night” that you can send to your beloved 🙂

Other ways to say goodnight in Japanese :

良い夢を (yoi yume wo) – Have sweet dreams. This is a short but meaningful way to say goodnight in Japanese.

良い夢みろよ (yoi yume miroyo) – Have a good dream.

In addition, the English word “Good night” is also popular with Japanese people. This is also an intimate way to say good night that Japanese people can understand 🙂

In this post, you have learned the meaningful and unique ways to say goodnight in Japanese.

With familiar relationships, we only use common expressions such as おやすみ (oyasumi) or おやすみなさい (oyasumi nasai). With more intimate relationships, we can use 良い夢みてね (yoi yume mitene).

For couples, you can use all the ways to say goodnight in Japanese above. You can also refer to some words of love to say to your lover before saying goodnight :

Some words of love to say to your lover before saying goodnight

愛し(あいし)てる – I love you.

This is a direct way to say “I love you” in Japanese. Sometimes saying this sentence can cause you embarrassment, but it is the most effective way that can arouse emotion of the listener.

あなたと出会えてよかった (anata to deaete yokatta) – I’m so glad to have met you.

「わたしにとってあなたがすべて」(watashi ni totte anata ga subete) – You are my everything.

「あなたがいないと寂しい」(anata ga inai to sabishii) – I’ll be lonely without you.


How to read : anata no tame nara ganbareru – I can do my best for you. It means “If that’s what you want, I’ll do my best that for you”.

「あなたは私の元気のもとだよ」(anata ha watashi no genki no moto da yo) – You are my spirit. It means “I’ll try my best because I have you”.

「あなたは世界で一番素敵な人」(anata ha sekai de ichiban suteki na hito) – You are the best person in the world.

「あなたは私の宝物」(anata ha watashi no takara mono) – You are my treasure.

ref : tuhoconline

Above is the content of “How to say goodnight in Japanese”. If there is any other way to say goodnight, please comment below. See other similar posts at category: How to speak Japanese

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