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JLPT N5 Grammar – lesson 1JLPT N5 Grammar

JLPT N5 Grammar lesson 1. Hi everyone! In this article, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you the JLPT N5 Grammar. Each lesson will consist of about 5 structures for you to learn Japanese step by step and have more time to practise.

Grammar structure 1 :


Formation :


Explanation :

Not…very much
あまり is an adverb that indicates how large, important, serious, etc… something is. あまり is used to be in front of verbs and adjective to make it’s meaning more clarified.

Examples and examples’ meaning :

My Japanese is not very good.
I don’t really understand what the teacher’s saying.

Grammar structure 2 :


Formation :


Explanation :

が has the same function with は and も but in here が , is used to connect 2 clauses of a sentence. Meaning : “but”. The second clause has the opposite meaning to the first clause.
When someone wants to describe how the weather is they may also use “が” in that situation

Examples and examples’ meaning :

Last year it snowed here

This shirt is beautiful but it is very expensive.

Grammar structure 3 :


Formation :

~ N + があります

Explanation :

There is/are, to exist
This pattern indicates the existence of lifeless things, events.

Examples and examples’ meaning :

There is a book on the table.

There are flowers in the garden

Grammar structure 4 :


Formation :

~ N + がいます

Explanation :

To have
Used to describe the existence of living things.

Examples and examples’ meaning :

There is no student in the class.

There is a cat under the tree.

Grammar structure 5 :


Formation :

~N + がほしい

Explanation :

To want…
This pattern describes the wants to own something, can be the speaker’s wants or used to ask the listener’s wants. This is not used to talk about a third person’s wants.
For example, we can’t say:

Mr Tanaka wants to have a camera.

Examples and examples’ meaning :

I want to have a computer.

I want to have money.

Above are five grammar structures of Level N5. See more structures in next pages

reference : học tiếng Nhật online

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8 thoughts on “JLPT N5 Grammar

  • some transaltion are missing in the examples (i.e. example of grammar structure 6),
    and some other are WRONG (example of grammar structure 9: 行きます = I go (usually) and not I went).
    Very bad!!!

    • tuhocjpndaily

      thanks daniele, i fixed it!

  • Thank you very much, this has been very hopeful.

    • Learn Japanese daily

      you are welcome, Joseph 🙂

  • Sarthak Kothari

    Very useful stuff. Is their any way to get pdf version of this grammer list. This is a useful guide.

    Email me if possible- [email protected]

    • Learn Japanese daily

      Thanks Sarthak Kothari san.
      sorry i am not allowed to send these stuff

  • Zé Paulo Savioli

    A list of little grammar structures is indeed very helpful to study o/

    Just in the phrase 木の下に猫がいった, i think it translates to “There ‘was’ a cat under the tree”

  • Thanks for the lesson, very useful for me.

    Just a little thing, in the grammar structure 1, example 2
    先生 の 英語 あもりがわからない
    Sensei no eigo a mori ga wakaranai means “i don’t understand the english teacher”


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