JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 18

JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 18JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 18

JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 18. Hi everyone! In this article, Learn Japanese daily will introduce you to the JLPT N3 Grammar.

Let’s take a look at the next 5 structures.

JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 18

Structure 86 :

To sum up。(なぜなら/なぜかというと/どうしてかというと)、the reason +からだ


~ If you’re asking why then it’s because ~

For example:

Kyou, kare wa gakkou wo yasumimasu. Nazenara, kare wa byouki dakara desu.
Today, he is absent from school. The reason is because he is sick.

Ano ko wa gaka ni naritai. Nazeka to iu to, ano ko wa e wo kaku no ga suki dakara desu.
That child wants to be a painter. The reason is because she likes drawing pictures.

Structure 87 :



N1 is obviously ~ , but N2 is, too.
As a matter of course N1 is obviously ~, typical, then N2 is also ~ .

For example:

Kanojo wa Nihongo wa mochiron, Eigo mo hanaseru.
She can speak not only English, but also Japanese.

Watashi wa sushi wa mochiron, sashimi mo taberarenai.
I can’t eat sushi, let alone sashimi.

Structure 88 :

(V/N/Aい/Aな)普+ばかりか…(も)/ばかりでなく…(も). Note:Nだ、Aだな


Not only ~ but also ~
Used to mention when a thing, situation ascends from a lower degree to a higher degree.

For example:

Kono apaato wa hiroi bakarika, nedan mo yasui desu.
This apartment is not only large, it’s also cheap.

Kanojo wa utsukushii bakarika, yasashii desu.
She is not only beautiful, but she is also kind.

Structure 89 :



Compared to A, B is ~
Used to mention B by comparing with A.

For example:

Aoi shatsu ni kurabete, akai shatsu wa anata ni niau.
The red shirt looks better on you compared to the blue one. 

Mae no konpyuutaa ni kurabete, atarashii konpyuutaa wa tsukaiyasui.
The new computer is easier for me to use than the old one.

Structure 90 :



To N,
Used to direct at/ to that situation, in response to that situation, followed by an expression show an effect on it such as a behaviour, an attitude directed at/ to N.

For example:

Kare wa yoku okyakusan ni taishite shitsureina koto wo iu.
He often says rude things to customers.

Yamada-san wa kodomo ni taishite wa yasashii.
Yamada is gentle with children. 

Above are the JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 18. If there is anything that you find it hard to understand, feel free to common below.

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