JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 22

JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 22JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 22

JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 22. Hi everyone! In this article, Learn Japanese daily will introduce you to the JLPT N3 Grammar.

Let’s take a look at the next 5 structures.

Structure 106 :



It just like ~
To compare a state to a thing, situation. To compare 2 things, situations that have different natures but appear to be similar on the outside.

For example:

Kanojo wa marude Nihonjin no you desu.
She looks like a Japanese.

Ano futari wa marude koibito doushi no youda.
They look like lovers.

Structure 107 :



~ However ~
Usually used when speaking.

For example:

Nihon e ryuugaku shitai. Keredo, watashi no Nihongo wa warui.
I want to study abroad in Japan. However, my Japanese is bad.

Watashi wa 3-jikan matta. Keredo, kare wa konakatta.
I waited for 3 hours. However, he didn’t come.

Structure 108 :

Reason / cause。ですから apparent result/ speculation


~ That’s why ~

For example:

Atarashii ie wo kau tsumori desu. Desukara, isshoukenmei ni hataraite okane wo tamemasu.
I am planning to buy a new house. Therefore, I will work hard and save money.

Ashita wa yasumi wo torimasu. Desukara, kaisha no paatii ni shusseki dekimasen.
I will take a day off tomorrow. Therefore, I can’t attend the office party.

Structure 109 :

To guess / plan 。ところが result / the fact is different from the guess.


~ however ~

For example:

Watashi no chiimu ga katsu to omotte ita. Tokoroga, makete shimatta.
I thought my team would win. However, we lost. 

Kinou, tomodachi to issho ni eiga ni iku tsumori datta. Tokoroga, ame de ikenakatta.
I was planning to go to the movies with my friends yesterday. However, I couldn’t go because of the rain.

Structure 110 :



~ By the way ~
To switch the topic when the two topics are not related.

For example:

Tokorode, eki made no michi ga wakaru?
By the way, do you know the way to the station?

Tokorode, dou yatte ie ni kaeru no?
By the way, how do you get home?

Mousugu, kotoshi mo owari desu ne. Tokorode, shougatsu wa dou nasaimasuka.
This year is ending isn’t it. By the way, what is your plan for the Lunar new year?

Above are the JLPT N3 Grammar lesson 22. If there is anything that you find it hard to understand, feel free to common below.

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