A paragraph about personality in Japanese

A paragraph about personality in Japanese

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A paragraph about personality in Japanese

人間の性格 – Human personality

Finding your good qualities is unexpectedly more difficult than finding good qualities of others.

Everyone has their good and bad points, but you are more hated by others when you stay indoors and don’t show your bad points.

People who really enjoy their own lives will be interesting to others.

And when other people are interested in you, they will definitely like you.

Associating with others without hiding your personality will make them  recognize you more. (Summary)

As my mother said, my personality is optimistic and doesn’t seem to pay attention to the details.

So, while the good side is that I don’t think about useless things and don’t feel down by worrying about everything, the bad side is that because I don’t pay too much attention, I often forget things.


I never thought of understanding my own good and bad points.

I also never thought of wanting people like me and wasn’t worried about whether they hate me or not.

When I become a junior high school student, I was also afraid of being hated by people so I stayed indoors, but I can’t understand that.

Staying indoors is weird, but I think it’s normal when I don’t want to show my bad points to others.


I think we can show our good points and hide our bad points.

However, hiding completely our bad points is also not good. 

For example, when other people don’t know about things you dislike or things you are bad at, you may be in trouble.

More specifically, while you don’t know anything because you miss the day of choosing a sport to play at an athletic meet event, if you are chosen to play a sport that you don’t play well, you will be in trouble. 

If you told everyone what you are bad at, that thing wouldn’t happen.

It is different from personality, but if you let people know about yourself, you will probably get help from people around you.

Human interests are various, just like the idiom “ 蓼食う虫も好き好き”(Every man to his taste).


Although we think we hate it, other people may like it when looking at it.

Our clumsiness may be received by smiling at others.

People who are always prone to worrying may be trusted carefully.

For example, even if everyone in the class doesn’t like me, having someone understanding me is enough for me.

I’m confident even if I wasn’t recognized by the whole class. I don’t think it’s possible to hide all my bad points. 

Although you want to hide them more or less, live true to yourself without worrying too much about it.

Above is : A paragraph about personality in Japanese. We hope this paragraph will help you easily write a paragraph about personality.

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