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7 gestures to avoid in interviews with Japanese company7 gestures to avoid in interviews with Japanese company

7 gestures to avoid in interviews. When being invited to an interview in with a Japanese company and other companies in general, some of your gestures can leave your a bad impression on your recruiters. Those kind of gestures exist inside each of us. They might be a subconscious habit, sometimes hard to control.

Let’s find out if you’re having one of them! 

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  1. Fail to make eye contact

Eye contact during conversation is very principle. If you look away while talking instead of looking at your recruiters in the eye, you are going to leave them a bad impression. Making eye contact when you first meet someone can be uncomfortable, however, to not leave a bad impression, learn to look at the other person in the eye during conversation (it would be better if you try directing your gaze towards the nose bridge, between the eyes).

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  1. Keep fidgeting

Fidgeting in your seat will be noticed easily by your recruiters. Things like stretching, studying with your nails, cracking your knuckles… often leave a bad impression on them. Interviews can be stressing, especially the long ones. You might get tensed, uncomfortable, however don’t make it too obvious.

  1. Dominant Stand

Standing superiorly with legs spread widely is interpreted as a sign of dominance, leaving an impression of a person who is too proud and likes showing off. Remember to stand with your legs slightly apart.

  1. Leaning away

Leaning against the chair suggests boredom lack of interest in the job . With that posture, no matter what you say, the outcome can’t be as ambitious as it should be. Thus, sit up straight!

  1. Lean in or slouch

During conversation, many have the propensity to lean forward or slouch (like when you check yourself out in a mirror). Leaning in indicates that you’re interested, but if you lean forward a bit too much, it can come off as being overly solicitous or even threatening. Thus, do it right, sit up straight!

  1. Sway and shake your legs

Swaying and shaking your legs indicate lack of concentration, overly confidence or nervousness. This is a bad habit, can leave a bad impression on the recruiters. If you have the habit of doing this, get rid of it before going to the interview.

  1. Touch your hair

This, usually can be seen in women, especially those who have long hair. Tucking your hair behind your ear or twirling your hair may seem normal, but to many recruiters, these gestures can leave a bad impression. Wear your hair up so you don’t have to bother with that.

Above are 7 gestures to avoid in interviews. If you have one of those things, fix it or at least control it in your interview.

Wish you all the luck on your interview!

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