average income of the Japanese

Average income of the Japanese

Average income of the Japanese. Have you ever wondered how much the average income (per month) of Japanese people is? In fact, the Japanese people calculated and summarized their income by year. Japanese people often use the word: 平均年収 (へいきんねんしゅう) which means the annual average income. To calculate the monthly income, you can divide this figure by 12, and we will get an average monthly income of them.average income of the Japanese


Based on statistical data in 2013 (平成25年 – 25th year of Heisei) of the National Taxation Department of Japan (国税 庁).

We can see that after the financial currencies crisis of East Asian (1997), the average income of Japanese people tended to decrease, and still shows the sign of going flat. In 1997, the average income of Japanese people had been JPY 4.67 million. In 2013, after a lot of times up and down (with the downtrend is dominant), the average income was JPY 4.13 million (about 88.4% of the figure in 1997). By calculated at the current exchange rate with 1 US Dolla ~ 109 Japanese Yen, the average income of the Japanese per year is approximately VND 37,798 US Dollar. After dividing by 12 months, the average income of Japanese people was about 3150 US Dollar per month. The aging population leads to the decreased national consumption along with the lowered incomes of enterprises. If the profits of enterprises reduce, of course, workers’ income will also decrease. This is one significant reason led to a decrease in the average income of the Japanese.

Reference information:

  • The income of foreign trainees (from China, Taiwan, Vietnam…) in Japan is around JPY 90 ~ 150 thousand/month. The Trainees Managers has the income of about 18 ~ 20 man/months, still much lower than the average income of the Japanese (Many Japanese in several industries only have the income of only about JPY 200 thousand/month, the income of freelancers or part-time workers is even much lower).
  • The income per capita of Japanese people in the IT industry is JPY 4.88 million/year, ranking 3rd in the occupations with the highest average income. This is the industry which a lot of foreign people are working with the same condition to the Japanese (and are appreciated very well on their ability and diligence). Such a good opportunity for the young people who have the determination
  • The income of Japanese Prime Minister: 内閣 総 理 大臣 (な い か く そ う り だ い じ ん): JPY 41.65 million. The income of professional baseball players プ ロ 野球 選手 JPY 37.43 million
  • The income of the Japan’s richest man: 孫 正義 (54 years old) (Son Masayoshi): JPY 9.396 billion. The founder of Soft-Bank.

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