Set goals for learning Japanese

Set goals for learning JapaneseSet goals for learning Japanese

Set goals for learning Japanese. Have you ever wondered why you never seem to improve your Japanese? Why is everyone improving so fast but you? While asking yourself that, you probably have come up many possibilities: natural ability (they are smarter, more gifted…), used methods (maybe they have some secret method that I don’t know of…), hard-working (They must have studied hard all day and night, they are more diligent…). Normally, many people only think of those possibilities and not beyond, everything goes back to where it was, nothing changes.

To solve the problem, we need to go deeper, learn to change our ways of thinking, seek for resolutions…and then problem. If you want to improve, if you want to get out of the current situation, let’s find out the fix the root of the problem and figure out a resolution with us,, and most importantly, will you able to do it? Because no one can do it for you.

In this article, we would like to show you how to set goals for learning Japanese. This is very crux and crucial but often neglected before we start learning Japanese.

What is a goal?

Basically, it’s something we aim for, an outcome that we wish to achieve in a certain amount of time. For example: I learn Japanese so that I can become a Japanese teacher after I have graduated, I learn Japanese so that in 2 years, I can communicate naturally in Japanese…

Why setting goals is important?

  • First of all, the goals let us know what we are aiming for, the road we are going to take; helping us achieve the right target in less time. Without a specific goal, we would likely get confused in what we want to do, your preferences would change over time and that’s not healthy at all.
  • A goal is the base for us to build our plans on, from overall concept to the smallest details.
  • A goal help us utilize the resources effectively: Time, money and effort. It helps prevent wasting resources. For example: You will sleep less, hang out less once you reckon you need that time to achieve your target.
  • A goal will give you the drive and energy:

Instead of spending time hanging out with your friends, you put learning above your friends. You know you have to put more effort into studying, while your friends hang out or enjoy the internet, or watch videos and stuff, wasting their time.

Those are some of the reasons why you need to set goals for learning Japanese, if you haven’t done it yet, take a look at some fun facts and things that need to be noted when you start to set goals for learning Japanese :

Help you train your brain

The bigger the target is, the better your brain functions; the bigger the target is, the more motivation we get. In studying, when we had the mindset that we are aiming for our goals, we find it easier to concentrate and comprehend.

For example, one aims to graduate with a Good Degree after four years in university, scoring not less than 7 is sufficient for them. But to someone who sets their target to achieve a Very good Degree, they are going to put more effort seeing as 7 is not enough for them to guarantee their average score not less than 8. Or one wants to open a translation company in 4 years after having graduated from university, will choose a different way than ordinary people, they don’t just simply learn about foreign languages, but also management, laws, soft skills… to achieve their ultimate goal.

Stop second-guessing your ability

Don’t limit yourself, people have their brains and time, so do you! The problem is you don’t dare to change to cater to your dream, it’s all on you.

Change your attitude, changing a habit might take a month, in this 1 month, things might be hard because of your old mindset and habit (being conceded, a lazybum , a sleepyhead, a complainer…) often get in the way, drag you back to your old lazy self. If you can’t get over this, you will only score another failure in this battle with your own self. You’re still the very you, nothing is going to change.

Be specific

Setting goals needs to be specific, with a time frame or else, you wouldn’t know how long will be needed and who you are going to be when you have achieved it. Without having a clear target and a certain time frame, it’s basically the same as when you don’t have a target at all. You will only keep procastinating, especially when confronting hardships…

Review your goals everyday

We tend to forget things, or get distracted easily causing us to forget about our goals. Thus, review your goals everyday, and remind yourself to push harder to achieve them.

Above is some of the things we want to share with you about the reasons to and how to set goals for learning Japanese. We hope everybody can now set your own goals in learning Japanese, and try hard to achieve them.

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3 thoughts on “Set goals for learning Japanese

  • 27/07/2020 at 6:18 am

    It’s a little bit ironic…some of the English in these articles is very strange. Nonetheless, I like what i am reading.

    • 05/08/2020 at 7:59 am

      thank gram ! and sorry for my bad english !

  • 18/10/2021 at 9:46 pm

    I disagree with the first motivation. I think spending time with friends is not wasted, social skills and fun are equaly important. You also learn when interacting and ‘fooling’ around. If lion cups or dogs play you know they practice to interact, fight and learn boundaries. Equally we play to learn how to work together, taggle new situations, set social boundaries and solve problems within a social context (or even learn how to hide from danger in hide and seek). I think the wasted moments scrolling on a phone through shopping lists, could be indeed better spend.


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