Think in Japanese when learning Japanese

Think in Japanese when learning Japanese

Think in Japanese when learning Japanese

Think in Japanese when learning Japanese

Hi everyone! In learning a new language process, many of us has a habit of translating the language to our mother tongue, especially when speaking and writing.

Translating from the language to your mother tongue and vice versa takes time for your brain to process therefore takes longer for you to communicate.

Instead of constantly converting back and forth between the two languages, let’s try to think in the language.

In this article, Learn Japanese daily will show you how to think in Japanese when learning Japanese.

What is thinking in Japanese?

When you think, have you ever noticed that in our brains, there always seems to have an internal monologue, demonstrating what you’re thinking? “What am I going to do? What to do? or let’s take a break, I’m too tired…” Aren’t those monologues in your head all the time? That’s exactly what thinking in words is .

Now instead of thinking in your mother tongue like that, let’s try it in Japanese. That’s when you’ve learnt to think in Japanese while learning Japanese! Simple, isn’t it?

What are the benefits of thinking in Japanese?

When thinking in Japanese, you will:

Take less time to communicate:

Instead of translating back and forth between your mother tongue and Japanese, you will receive (listen to) and process the information and then respond in Japanese (speak, write). Doing so, you will be able to communicate more naturally and smoothly.

Achieve long-lasting memory:

While thinking in Japanese, you use the same words or phrases over and over again. You will then be able to respond unconsciously in Japanese and since you use them so many times, they will come out naturally, it means you can speak Japanese more naturally. Once you can speak some words and phrases more naturally, you will gain confidence and become more fluent!

How to think in Japanese?

Gradually replace all your internal monologues in your mother tongue with the Japanese ones, use them as much as possible. Whenever you don’t have to use your mother tongue, use Japanese instead, think in Japanese. Learn to think in Japanese anytime and anywhere!

Frequent Japanese phrases for you to think in Japanese:

いまなんじ?What time is it? なんをする?What to do now?
どうしよう?What to do? Nどこだ? Where is N?
そうするか? Should I do that? なんに? What?
なんたっけ? it’s named … ? やるか? Should I?
やろう! Let’s do this! そうしろう Just do that!
それはさいこうだ That’s great! たかいな : Too expensive!
やすいな So cheap! あいつおそいな He is so slow!
うそでしょ : Are you kidding me?

Overcome hardships

When starting to think in Japanese, you might be confused, or stressed, the reason is that your brain hasn’t gotten used to think in another language. Once you have overcome it, there will be no more confusion or stress!

Above are things Learn Japanese daily would like you to know about how to think in Japanese when learning Japanese. Hopefully, with the help of this article, your Japanese will vastly improve.

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