Self-study Japanese step by step

Self-study Japanese step by stepSelf-study Japanese step by step

To those who have just started learning Japanese either in language centers or self-studying, you might find it hard to figure out which way is the best. To help you catch the glimpse of it, i would like to introduce to you the Self-Study Japanese Step by Step that many of Japanese learners have gone through.

Self-study Japanese step by step:

Step 1: Memorize Hiragana and Katakana

For starters, who learn Japanese from the scratch, let’s begin with Hiragana and Katakana writing systems. Spend about 2-3 hours a day focusing on these two writing systems. If you concentrate hard enough, it would take only 2-3 days to memorize. They are the base for you to learn Japanese online.

Step 2: Study with Minnano Nihongo textbook

After having mastered the two writing systems mentioned above, you can start studying with Minnano Nihongo textbook. This is a popular choice for people when it comes to learning Japanese. Plus, it comes with a lot of support from the internet that enables you to learn Japanese online easier.

Step 3: Take part in Japanese Language proficiency tests:

In the progress of studying with Minnano Nihongo textbook, you can also practise for Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Self-studying with Minnano Nihongo and practising together can offset each other really well. Once you have reached Unit 3, you can start practising for level N5.

Step 4: Move on to immediate level

When you have finished 50 basic units in Minnano Nihongo, you can move on to immediate level textbooks and focus more on practising advanced level N3, N2.

Step 5: Practise Listening and Speaking skills:

Listening and Speaking exercise should be taken along with learning grammar and vocabulary from the very first days. When you reach level N3, focus more on listening and speaking. The reason is when you are at N3, your skills are almost decent. Conversing and watching cartoons, dramas in Japanese…will help you improve your listening and speaking skills as well as your vocabulary.

Step 6: Before heading to N1 Level

Before heading to the highest level in the JLPT, make sure you can converse pretty confidently in Japanese as being at level N2. If you are still not confident to communicate at level N2, focus on communicating. Because N2 is the level that can help you communicate decently. Level N1 will help you communicate more efficiently and come up with a better wording… But if you haven’t mastered the skills, even when you are at level N1, recruiters can’t appreciate you well enough. Thus, put effort into Practising Listening and Speaking skills before heading to level N1.

Above is the Self-study Japanese step by step that most Japanese learners have experienced. Wish you all the best of luck on your journey.

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