Basic Japanese phrases

Basic Japanese phrasesBasic Japanese Phrases

Hi everyone! In this article, Learn Japanese daily would like to introduce to you the most basic Japanese phrases. They are frequently used in everyday conversations.

There are several variations can be used. They could be more formal or more casual depending on the situations. In this article, Learn Japanese daily will focus on the more basic, common used phrases so that starters can easily get the hang of it.

When communicating with strangers, Japanese people will  use simple phrases. Thus, be confident using these basic Japanese phrases.

Basic Japanese: Meeting – Greetings – Introducing


おはよう  ohayou : Good morning! (before 11 am)

お はようございます ohayou gozaimasu : Good morning! The more formal variation of おはよう : ohayou. おはよう is used between people who are already close or of the same age or older to younger people.

こんにちは konnichiha : Good day! Used at noon.

こんばんは konbanha : Good evening!


おげんきですか ogenkidesuka : How do you do?

げんきです genkidesu : I’m fine.


おなまえは onamaeha : What’s is your name?

わたしはアンナです watashiha Anna desu : My name is Anna.

わたしはがくせいです watashiha gakuseidesu : I’m a student.


さようなら sayounara : Goodbye!

またあとで mata atode : See you again!

またあした mata ashita : See you tomorrow!

またね matane : See you later!

ではまた dehamata : Ok, see you again!

おやすみなさい oyasuminasai : Good night!

きをつけてね kiwotsuketene : Take care/Be careful! Used when you part from someone going/travelling somewhere or going home.

じゃね jane (jya ne) : Bye! (informal).


こめんなさい gomennasai : I’m sorry! (informal, shouldn’t be used with the elderly)

わるい warui : I’m sorry! (informal, only used in very close relationships)

すみません sumimasen : Apologies!

すみませんでした sumimasen deshita : Profoundly sorry! Used when showing great remorse.


ありがとう arigatou : Thankyou! Informal, same age.

あ りがとうございました arigatou : Thankyou, formal, to older people.

いいえ、どういたしまして iie, douitashimashite : You’re welcome! Very formal.

どういたしまして douitashimashite : You’re welcome, shortened form of いいえ、どういたしまして.


こ れはいくらですか koreha : How much is this? (rarely used since there always are price tags in supermarket)

こ れをください korewo kudasai : I want this (item).


いいですね iidesune : That’s good, isn’t it?

かわいいですね kawaiidesune : So cute!

きれいですね kireidesuka : So pretty!

すごい sugoi : So cool, way to go!

すごいですね sugoidesune : Way to go!

がんばったな ganbattana : You worked very hard, didn’t you?


がんばってください ganbattekudasai : Fighting! Very formal.

がんばれ gambare : Fighting! Informal, close.

はい、がんばります hai, gambarimasu : Yes, I will try my best!

Above are some basic Japanese phrases frequently used in daily life for starters.

LearnJapanesedaily hopes these basic Japanese phrases will help you survive your very first days learning Japanese.

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