N3 listening practice lesson 13

N3 listening practice lesson 13

Hello everyone ! In this series, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you the N3 listening exercises, with the aim of supporting  who are studying N3 exam to listen better and get better grades in the N3 listening section. Let’s start with the first lesson: practice N3 listening lesson 13

N3 listening practise lesson 13


How to practice listening

First, listen and do exercise. After listening and choosing the answer, you can read the translation and the instruction below for reference.

In addition, you can apply the way of taking this listening test for similar types of exercises.

Video for N3 listening practice lesson 13

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N3 listening practice lesson 13 – Tapescript:









Translation for Reference :

At the school, a male student and a female student are talking. Why doesn’t the male student feel good?

Woman: You look so bad. What happened?

Man: I was called by Mr. Sato earlier. He said that “You rarely attend classes, and you don’t submit your report either. If you don’t try your best in this exam, it may be difficult for you to graduate”.

Woman: Really? But it will be fine. You always get good mark in exams, right?

Man: I don’t know… What should I do…. I’m not confident this time. Because I always skipped school…. Although the exam is on the day after tomorrow, I have to do part time job today and tomorrow. Should I take a day off to study….

Woman: It might be better to do that. Anyway, you have to try your best.

Why doesn’t the male student feel good?

Instruction to practice:

In order to understand and make this type of lesson effectively, you can apply the following steps:

1. Catch the topic and the question :

The situation taking place here is:


At the school, a male student and a female student are talking.

The question is:


Why doesn’t the male student feel good?

2. Note the main ideas:

In this form of listening, you need to pay attention to the words that describe the reason why the male student didn’t feel good. And you should also focus on key words instead of trying to hear all the sentences then missing important words.

After listening, we have some key words as follows:

出席日数(しゅっせきにっす): number of days of attendance

レポート: report

試験(しけん): test, exam

卒業(そつぎょう): graduation

自信ない(じしんない): be not confident

サボって(さぼって): to skip school

バイト: Part-Time Job

3. Choosing the answer:

According to what we have noted, we can deduct:

+ According to the tape script, the male student was reminded by Mr. Sato (って言われたん) and it does not mention that he was hated by Mr. Sato => we eliminate answer 1

+ The tapescript only mention that the male student was not confident (自信ない) = > we eliminate answer 2

+ Skipping school (サボってばかり) is the reason why the male student was not confident (自信ない) in next exam=> we eliminate answer 3

+ When the female student hearing (from the male student) that the teacher talked about the male student’s graduation (卒業、危ないぞ), she asked [大丈夫でしょう], then the male student said [いや…どうしよう] (I don’t know… What should I do…). This is the thing that made him worry, so he doesn’t feel good.

So we choose answer 4. 卒業ができないかもしれない。

Above is the content of N3 listening practice lesson 13. Hope you can improve your listening ability effectively. See more similar N3 listening practices at category : JLPT N3 Listening practice.

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