Learn to read Japanese newspaper on Sports

Learn to read Japanese newspaper on Sports

In the previous posts, we have learned to read Japanese newspaper on Politics, Society and Economy. In this post, we will move on to the lesson that is quite easy: Learn to read Japanese newspaper on Sports. Let’s start!

Learn to read Japanese newspaper on Sports


In order to read Japanese articles on topic: Sports, you can go to Japanese online newspapers such as: TV-Asahi News, Nikkan Sports, Yahoo! ニュース, TBS News… and select category: スポーツ (Supootsu – Sports).

In addition, because this is a broad topic which includes many different sports, so if you want to practice intensive reading, you should choose sports news websites such as: Nikkan Sports, Sports Navi. On these websites, you can easily search and follow the news of each sport such as football, baseball, horse racing, boxing, etc.

How to practice reading: You should skim the article to get the main idea first, then note down the unknown words and unknown sentences and look up the dictionary to clarify the meaning of each sentence. With the grammar structures that you have not learned yet, skip it to avoid disturbing knowledge.

Vocabulary on sports in Japanese newspaper

フィギュアスケート (Figyuasukeeto) : figure skating

野球 (Yakyuu) : baseball

水泳 (Suiei) : swimming

テニス (Tenisu) : tennis

ラグビー (Ragubii) : rugby

スタジアム (Sutajiamu) : stadium

選手 (Senshu) : player (sports), athlete

試合前練習 (Shiai mae renshuu) : Pre-match practice

チャンピオン (Champion) : champion

金メダル (Kin medaru) : gold medal

銀メダル (Gin medaru) : silver medal

銅メダル (Doumedaru) : bronze medal

成績 (Seiseki) : results, record

4勝2敗 (4 shou 2 pai) : 4 wins, 2 losses

激戦 (Gekisen) : a hard‐fought field, fierce battle

逆転勝利 (Gyakuten shouri) : Reverse victory

連覇 (Renpa) : Consecutive victory

初戦 (Shosen) : first match

決勝 (Kesshou) :  finals

突破する (Toppasuru) : to breakthrough

優勝を果たす (Yuushou wo hatasu) : Win the championship

勝ち上がる (Kachiagaru) : win and pass to next stage

対戦する (Taisensuru) : compete, play a match

試合に出る (Shiai ni deru) : to participate in a match

新記録を樹立する (Shinkiroku wo juritsusuru) : establish a new record

メダルを獲得する (Medaru wo kakutokusuru) : win a medal

Some Grammar structures found in category: sports in Japanese newspapers

Sentence 1

Vて + しまう : to do something by accident; to finish completely


Burajiru no kazusukunai ketteiki wa, doriburu kara eta chokusetsu FK deatta ga, kouchiinyo ga hanatta shuuto wa goorumausu no ue ni hazurete shimau.

Coutinho, who is one of the few Brazilian goal machines, won a free kick from a dribble; however, his shot was deflected wide off the goal.

Sentence 2

V-casual, Nの + ようだ : it seems that, it looks like


Rearu wa cherushii to azaaru kakutoku de gooi ni tasshi, ato wa kojin gooi nomi to natte iru you da.

It seems that Real has reached an agreement on buying Hazard with Chelsea, the rest is only personal agreement.

Sentence 3

Vない+ ず : without doing…


Rearu wa kore dakede wa owarazu, Riyon to 4400 man pondo (yaku 60 oku en) no isekikin de Furansu daihyou DF feruran mendi wo kakutoku suru koto de de gooi ni tasshita to houjirarete iru.

Not end with this, Real said they had reached an agreement with Lyon with a transfer of £44 million (approximately 6 billion yen) by taking French defender, Ferland Mendy.

Sentence 4

~ば : If… (Japanese Conditional Form)


Miriton to yobitchi ni kuwae, azaaru to mendi no kakutoku ga seishiki ni happyousarereba, rearu wa konka 320 oku en ijou mo tsuiyasu koto ni naru.

Including Eder Militao and Luka Jovic, if the acquisition of Hazard and Mendy is officially announced, Real will spend more than 32 billion yen this summer.

Sentence 5

N + において : in, on, at(place), as for, in relation to…


Nihon sakkaa kyoukai (JFA) wa 6 nichi, Furansu de kaisaichuu no dai 47kai tuuron kokusai taikai 2019 ni sanka shite iru U – 22 nihondaihyou ni oite, DF Koga taiyou (Kashiwareisoru) ga kega no tame ridatsu suru koto wo happyou shita.

On the 6th, the Japan Football Federation announced that defender Koga Taiyou (Kashiwa Reysol Football Club), one of the member of the Japanese Representative U-22 participating in the 47th Toulon International Tournament 2019 held in France, will withdraw due to injury.

Practice reading Japanese newspaper on sports

Let’s practice reading news on sports on TV-Asahi News!


世界1位の大坂なおみ選手 全仏オープン初戦は辛勝

Sekai 1 i no Oosaka Naomi senshu Zenfutsu oopun shosen wa shinshou

The first match in the French Open tennis tournament of No. 1 player in the world, Osaka Naomi, was a difficult victory



Tenisu no zenfutsu oopun de, 4 dai taikai 3 renpa o nerau Nihon no Oosaka Naomi ga gyakuten shouri de shosen wo toppashimashita.

Naomi Osaka of Japan, who has aimed to win 3 consecutive victories in 4 major tournaments, defeated the first round with a reverse victory in the French Open tennis tournament.


Sekai rankingu 1 i de zenfutsu oopun ni nozomu Oosaka.

Osaka entered the French Open tennis tournament with No. 1 on the world rankings.


1 kaisen wa kakushita aite deshitaga, dai 1 setto wo otosu kurushii tenkai to narimasu.

Although her opponent of the first round was inferior, she lost the first set and this would be difficult to deploy.


Soredemo dai 2 setto, taibureeku no sue ni torikaesu to, dai 3 setto.

However, she regained at the 2nd set and at the end of tie-break to advance to the 3rd set.


Nigate no kureekooto demo ashi wo tsukatte nebari no puree.

She moved flexibly and competed with determination even though the clay court was difficult to play.


Setto kaunto 2 − 1 no gyakuten shouri de Oosaka ga 2 kaisen shinshutsu desu.

Osaka passes to the second round with a 2-1 reverse victory.

Above is the content of the article : Learn to read Japanese newspaper on Sports. You should maintain the habit of reading Japanese newspaper to enhance your Japanese language proficiency and expand your knowledge. See you next time!

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