JLPT N2 Grammar

JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 27
JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 27

JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 27. Hi everyone! In this article, LearnJapanesedaily will introduce to you the JLPT N2 Grammar. Each lesson will consist of about 5 structures for you to learn step by step and have more time to practise.

Structure 131:

Vる/Vない に + かかわらず/かかわりなくAい/ Aくない/ N に + かかわらず/かかわりなく


No matter what the situation is ~/ No matter N.

For example:

Suki ka kirai ka ni kakawarazu, kono seifuku wo kinakereba narimasen.
You must wear this uniform, whether you like it or not. 

Supootsu taikai wa nenrei ni kakawarazu, dare demo sanka dekimasu.
Anyone can participate in the sporting event, regardless of age.

Structure 132:

Nを 問わず


Regardless, Doesn’t matter…

For example:

Seibetsu wo towazu, dare demo kono fuku wo kiru koto ga dekiru.
Anyone can wear this outfit, regardless of gender.

Kono machi wa chuuya wo towazu nigiyaka desu.
This town is bustling day and night.

Structure 133:

A。やら B やらNやらA/ V (short form)やら


Both … and …

For example:

Kabe ni wa karendaa yara posutaa yara ga hatte aru.
There are calendars and posters on the wall.

Saikin wa shukudai yara shiken yara de isogashii desu.
Recently, I’ve been busy with homework and exams.

Structure 134:

Vるに/ Aいに + つけAにつけ (Bにつけ)


No matter ~

For example:

Ureshii ni tsuke kanashii ni tsuke, osake wo nomimasu.
Whether I am happy or sad, I will drink alcohol. 

ii ni tsuke warui ni tsuke, ko wa oya ni niru.
No matter if it’s good or bad, kids always resemble their parents.

Structure 135:

Aにしろ (Bにしろ)Aにせよ (Bにせよ)V/ A/ N (short form) にしろ/にせよ


No matter this or that.

For example:

Iku ni shiro ikanai ni shiro renraku shite kudasai.
No matter if you come or not, do contact me.

Kazoku ni shiro tomodachi ni shiro, dare mo watashi no kimochi wo wakatte kurenai.
Whether it be my parents or my friends, no one understands my feelings.

Above are the JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 27. Remember to read carefully and make up your own examples to memorize better.

If there is anything that you find it hard to understand, feel free to comment below!

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