JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 26

JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 26
JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 26

JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 26. Hi everyone! In this article, LearnJapanesedaily will introduce to you the JLPT N2 Grammar. Each lesson will consist of about 5 structures for you to learn step by step and have more time to practise.

Structure 126:

Nを めぐって/めぐるN


Concerning, regarding (a dispute, discussion).

For example:

Kenpoukaisei o megutte, nagaiaida, ronsou ga tsudzuite iru.
Regarding the constitutional reform, there has been a dispute going on for so long.

Kyouiku seito o meguru shomondai ni tsuite, hanashiau.
Let’s discuss about the thing regarding educating students.

Structure 127:

Nに おいて/おいては/おいても/おけるN


In N.

For example:

Kyouto ni oite, shinpojiumu ga okonawareta.
The symposium was held in Tokyo.

Kokusai shakai ni okeru wagakuni no yakuwari o kangaeru.
Think of Japan’s role in the international community.

A-san no shuchou ni wa, sono ten ni oite gimon ga arimasu.
Regarding Mr. A’s assertion, I have a question.

Structure 128:



In N/ Via N.

For example:

Genchi nite kaisan to narimasu.
Will be disbanded locally.

Denwa ka meeru nite gorenraku kudasai.
Keep in touch with me via phone or email.

Kyouto nite Youko yori.
From Yoko in Kyoto.

Structure 129:

Nも/ Vるのも + かまわず


To not worry about, To not care about.

For example:

Kanojo wa hitome mo kamawazu kodomo no youni naita.
She cries like a child and doesn’t care if people will judge.

Kare wa kutsu ga nukeru no mo kamawazu hashiri tsudzuketa.
He keeps running and doesn’t care about the shoes he is wearing.

Structure 130:

V/ A/ N (short time) にも + かかわらず


Even though ~

For example:

Ame ni mo kakawarazu, oozei no hitobito ga atsumatta.
Even though it’s raining but many have gathered up.

Mita ni mo kakawarazu, kare wa minakatta to itta.
Even though he saw it but he said he didn’t.

Above are the JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 26. Remember to read carefully and make up your own examples to memorize better.

If there is anything that you find it hard to understand, feel free to comment below!

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