JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 14

JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 14JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 14

JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 14. Hi everyone! In this article, LearnJapanesedaily will introduce to you the JLPT N2 Grammar. Each lesson will consist of about 5 structures for you to learn step by step and have more time to practise.

Structure 66:



Filled by a lot of ~
Used to show the negativity of the speaker.

For example:

Kono tegami no nihongo wa machigai darakeda.
The Japanese in this letter has a lot of mistakes.

Chanto tatande okanakatta kara, fuku ga shiwa darake ni natte shimatta.
Because I didn’t fold my clothes carefully so my clothes have many wrinkles now.

Structure 67:



To keep, maintain (a state).

For example:

Uchi no ko wa asobi ni itta kiri kaette konai.
My son has been hanging out all day and still hasn’t returned.

Musuko wa jibun no heya ni haitta kiri dete konai.
Once my son is in his room, he won’t come out.

Kare to wa kyonen no bounenkai ni atte, sorekkiri atte inai.
I met him at the party at the end of last year, still haven’t seen him then.

Structure 68:

V ( minus ます) → Vきり/ Vっきり


Do nothing but ~
Just do V.

For example:

Haha wa nyuuin shite iru chichi o tsuki kiri de kanbyou shite iru.
My mom is in the hospital, my dad always stays and takes care of her.

Structure 69:

V ( minus ます) →Vっぱなし


Still V, all the time (nonstop)

For example:

Densha ga konde ite, Toukyou made tachippanashi datta.
The tram was busy, I stood all the way to Tokyo.

Terebi o tsukeppanashi de nete shimatta.
I fell asleep while the TV was still on.

Structure 70:

Nに 反して/反し/反するN


Against ~

For example:

Senmonka no yosou ni hanshite, keiki wa kaifuku shi hajimeta.
Against all experts’ predictions, the climate has recovered.

Wareware no kitai ni hanshite, shinshouhin wa amari urenakatta.
Against all our expectations, the new product isn’t selling well.

Above are the JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 14. Remember to read carefully and make up your own examples to memorize better.

If there is anything that you find it hard to understand, feel free to comment below!

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