Japanese quotes about mother

Japanese quotes about mother

Hello everyone, the topic of mother is always the most popular topic in the world. In this post, Learn Japanese Daily will introduce to you the lesson : Japanese quotes about mother.

Japanese quotes about mother

私の人生は、目を開いて、母の顔を愛するところから始まった。George Eliot
“My life began from the moment I opened my eyes and loved my mother’s face”

子供は父母の行為を映す鏡である。Edmund Spenser
Children are mirrors that reflect the actions of parents.

子に対する母親の愛に匹敵するものは、この世にない。Agatha Christie
There is nothing in this world comparable to a mother’s love for children.

Mother’s arm gives us more comfort than anyone else’s arm.

時に、母親の力は自然法則に勝る。Barbara Kingsolver
Sometimes the power of mother surpasses the law of nature.

母がよく歌ってくれた歌ほど素晴らしいものは、芸術界に存在しない。Billy Sunday
Nothing in the art world is more wonderful than the song mother sang for us.

母親の腕は優しさでできており、子供たちはその中でぐっすりと眠る。Victor Hugo
The mother’s arm is made of tenderness, and the children sleep well in it.

Japanese quotes about mother

母親の心は、子供たちの教室。Henry Ward Beecher
Mother’s heart is the children’s classroom.

母親の心は深き淵であり、その底には、いつでもゆるしが見つかる。Honoré de Balzac
The mother’s heart is a deep abyss, and at the bottom of that abyss we can always find forgiveness.

泣くために一番いい場所は、母親の腕の中。Jodi Picoult
The best place to cry is in the mother’s arms.

Mother can replace anyone, but no one can replace mother.

進化というものが本当にあるのなら、なぜ母親には二本しか手がないのだろうか。Milton Berle
If evolution truly exists, why does mother have only two hands?

母: それは、人の唇に浮かぶ言葉の中で最も美しい言葉。Kahlil Gibran
Mother: It is the most beautiful word uttered by people.

お母さんはあなたの漫画の、世界で第一号のファンになりました。Fumiko Tezuka
Mother is the first person in the world who became a fan of your comics.

No matter what gift you give to your mother, it is not comparable to the gift of life that you received from your mother.

Honor your parents. Then your spirit can live a long life on the land God is giving you.

男は、恋人を最も強く愛し、妻を最も深く愛する。だが、男が最も長く愛するのは母親である。Ireland’s quote
A man loves his lover most strongly and loves his wife most deeply. But the person who he loves the longest is his mother.

母性愛。すべての愛はそこに始まり、そこに終わる。Robert Browning
Maternal love. All love begins there and ends there.

母は、私の最高の教師でした。思いやりや愛、恐れずに立ち向かうことを教えてくれたのです。愛が花のように香しいのならば、母こそ、その香しい愛の花でした。Stevie Wonder
My mother was my best teacher. She taught me to think and love, and to face fear. If love is fragrant like a flower, my mother was the flower of fragrant love.

母親の愛は、与えることで豊かになる。Charles Lamb
Mother’s love is enriched by giving.

お母さんというのは、子供たちのくちびるや心にある神さまの名前。William Makepeace Thackeray
Mother is the name of the God in the lips and hearts of children.

Entertain your parents and delight your mother who gave birth to you.

Mothers are shaping the future and creating the world. Tomorrow’s world is something that today’s mothers create from the way they raise their children.

Mothers have more love for children than fathers. Because they have a stronger belief that children are theirs.

At the moment a child is born, a mother is born. Until that moment, mother did not exist. There was a woman, but there was no mother there. Mother is something completely new.

「過去を懐かしまない人は、母親のいなかった人だけである」Nan Gregory
A person who does not miss the past is just a person who does not have a mother.

「よい母親は、幾百もの教師に匹敵する。」George Herbert
A good mother equals hundreds of teachers.

母は、私が出会った女性の中で最も美しい人だ。今の私があるのは、すべて母のおかげ。私が人生で成し遂げたことは、母から受けた精神教育、知的教育、身体教育のおかげである。George Washington
My mother is the most beautiful women I have met. My mother has made me what I am now. What I have accomplished in my life is thanks to the physical, intelligent and moral education that I received from my mother.

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