Some easy to learn Japanese idioms

Some easy to learn Japanese idioms

Hello everyone! In this post, we will introduce to you the lesson :Some easy to learn Japanese idioms.

Some easy to learn Japanese idioms

 1. Japanese idiom 猫の額

How to read : neko no hitai

Japanese meaning: 非常に場所が狭いこと

It means tiny area.

Example: 猫の額(ねこのひたい)ほどの庭(にわ)ですよ
Meaning: The garden is small like the cat’s forehead.

2. Japanese idiom 湯水のように使う

How to read: yumizu no youni tsukau

Japanese meaning: 金銭などを惜しげもなく使う

It refers to spending money lavishly and generously.

Example: 三月(さんがつ)は予算(よさん)を湯水(ゆみず)のように使う(つかう)
Meaning: In March, we spent money like water.

3. Japanese idiom 管を巻く

How to read: kuda o maku

Japanese meaning: 酔っぱらって、愚痴や不満をくどくど話すこと

It means that grumbling over one’s wine cups.

Example: 彼女(かのじょ)は、酔う(よう)と管(くだ)を巻く(まく)
Meaning: She grumbles whenever she gets drunk.

4. Japanese idiom 発破をかける

How to read : happa o kakeru (set off an explosive)

Japanese meaning: 強い言葉などで奮い立たせる、気合を入れる

It means that motivating someone with rough words.

Example: 監督(かんとく)が選手(せんしゅ)に発破(はっぱ)をかける
Meaning: The coach motivates the players with rough words.

5. Japanese idiom 蚊の鳴くような声

How to read: ka no naku youna koe (Like mosquito’s voice)

Japanese meaning: 非常に小さい声

It refers to a very thin voice.

Example: 蚊(か)の鳴く(なく)ような声(こえ)で、うまく聞き(きき)とれなかった
Meaning: It’s like mosquito’s voice, so I couldn’t hear well.

6. Japanese idiom 雀の涙

How to read: suzume no namida (sparrow tears)

Japanese meaning: 非常に少ない金額

It refers to a very small quantity / insignificant amount.

Example: 退職金(たいしょくきん)なんて雀の涙(すずめのなみだ)ほどですよ
Meaning: Retirement money is as much as sparrow’s tears (a very small amount of money).

Above is : Some easy to learn Japanese idioms. Learn other Japanese idioms at category : Japanese idiom.

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