Compare にしのびない and にたえない shinobinai and taenai

Compare にしのびない and にたえない

Hello everyone! Suppose there is a situation like this: You think a piece of music is terrible and you can’t stand listening to it, which expression will you choose to express that idea?(聞く)にしのびない or にたえない? To help you understand the usage of にしのびない and にたえない better, in this post, Learn Japanese Daily will introduce to you the lesson: Compare にしのびない and にたえない.

Compare にしのびない and にたえない


Both grammar structures mean “can’t do something because it is terrible”.

Both structures are used with Vる


にしのびない nishinobinai

にしのびない means “feeling that something is pitiful, unfortunate, wasteful… it is impossible to take any action”

Example :

Kono no-to ha mada hanbun tsukawanai node, suteru ni shinobi nai.
This notebook is still half unused, so I don’t want to throw it away (feelings of regret)

Kare no nouryoku ga mada yokunai ga, seikaku ga suki na node yame sase ru ni shinobinai.
His ability is still not good, but I can’t fire him because I like his personality.

Kono kamera ga aichyaku ga aru node hoka no hito ni ageru ni shinobinai.
I love this camera so much that I can’t give it to anyone else.

にたえない nitaenai

にたえない means “can’t do something because the situation is so bad”.

When being used with nouns, it expresses the meaning “It is very…, so I can’t refrain from doing that action”.

Example :

Jiko no hisan na bamen, miru ni taenai.
I can’t stand seeing such tragic scene of the accident.

Kono uta ha naiyou ga hidoi bi-to mo warui shi, kiku ni taenai.
This song is terrible and the beats are also bad, so I can’t listen to it.

Sore ha yomu ni taenai hon da.
That is the book that I can’t read.

Exercise for consolidating knowledge :

Choose the correct answer :


Right answer
この写真は古くてよく見えないが、亡くなった父の写真ので、捨てるにしのびない。: This photo is old and can’t be seen clearly, but it’s a photo of my deceased father, so I can’t throw it away (Because I have feelings for this photo, I can’t throw it away)


Right answer
こんなバカな番組も中継するなんて見るにたえない。: Broadcasting such a stupid program, I can’t bear to watch it (Because of the bad program, I can’t watch it)


Right answer
彼の場合は哀れでそのままにさらすにしのびない。: His case is pitiful, so I can’t ignore him


Right answer
彼女の話は無理ほど嘘ばかりで聞くにたえない。: Her story is so absurd that it’s all a lie, so I can’t hear it (Due to the bad story, I can’t hear it)


Right answer
母が作った弁当は可愛いし、食べるにしのびない。: The lunch box which my mother made is cute, so I can’t eat it (I have feelings for the lunch box, so I can’t eat it)


Right answer
この料理はまずくて、全部食べるにたえない。: This dish is so bad, so I can’t eat it all

In this post, Learn Japanese Daily has helped you compare にしのびない and にたえない.

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