3000 most common japanese words

Most common japanese words 3000 words list

3000 most common japanese words

3000 most common japanese words – week 15

Day 85

2841. 既に (sudeni) :already

2842. 現状 (genjou) :current condition, situation

2843. 先日 (senjitsu) :the other day, a few days ago

2844. 中央 (chuuou) :center, middle

2845. 似る (niru) :resemble, be alike

2846. 平均 (heikin) :average

2847. 末 (sue) :the end, in the end

2848. 追加 (tsuika) :addition, supplement

2849. なさる (nasaru) :do (honorific)

2850. 様子 (yousu) :the state of affairs, how someone appears

Day 86

2851. 活用 (katsuyou) :practical use, application

2852. 交換 (koukan) :exchange, bartering

2853. 整備 (seibi) :maintenance

2854. 想像 (souzou) :imagination

2855. ああ (aa) :like that, that much

2856. 満足 (manzoku) :satisfaction, contentment

2857. 以降 (ikou) :thereafter, later than

2858. 比較 (hikaku) :comparison

2859. クラス (kurasu) :class, category

2860. 犯罪 (hanzai) :offense, crime

Day 87

2861. おっしゃる (ossharu) :say, tell (honorific)

2862. 特定 (tokutei) :specifying, identifying

2863. 基礎 (kiso) :base, foundation

2864. 流れ (nagare) :flow, stream

2865. どうも (doumo) :for no special reason, somehow

2866. 村 (mura) :village

2867. 安定 (antei) :stability, composure

2868. 本人 (honnin) :the person himself, the said person

2869. 雰囲気 (funiki) :atmosphere, mood

2870. 会場 (kaijou) :venue, site

Day 88

2871. 電子 (denshi) :electron, electronic

2872. 文 (bun) :sentence

2873. 範囲 (hani) :range, scope

2874. 常に (tsuneni) :always, at all times (formal)

2875. 失う (ushinau) :lose, miss

2876. 日常 (nichijou) :everyday life, daily life

2877. 回答 (kaitou) :reply, answer

2878. 体制 (taisei) :system, structure

2879. 調整 (chousei) :regulation, adjustment

2880. 疑問 (gimon) :question, doubt

Day 89

2881. 応援 (ouen) :support, cheering

2882. 感想 (kansou) :thought, impression

2883. 解説 (kaisetsu) :explanation, commentary

2884. シリーズ (shiriizu) :series

2885. 公共 (koukyou) :public, community

2886. 民間 (minkan) :private, civilian

2887. 裁判 (saiban) :trial, judgment

2888. 組合 (kumiai) :union, guild

2889. 本来 (honrai) :originally, primarily

2890. 一体 (ittai) :what on earth

Day 90

2891. 宇宙 (uchuu) :universe, space

2892. 申す (mousu) :say, tell (humble)

2893. 図 (zu) :figure, diagram

2894. クラブ (kurabu) :club

2895. 観光 (kankou) :sightseeing

2896. 提出 (teishutsu) :presentation, submission (of a report, plan, etc.)

2897. 以来 (irai) :since then

2898. 離れる (hanareru) :get away from

2899. 生 (sei) :life, living

2900. 性格 (seikaku) :character, personality

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