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3000 most common japanese words

3000 most common japanese words – week 16

Day 91

2901. 検査 (kensa) :inspection, examination

2902. 信頼 (shinrai) :reliance, trust

2903. 人物 (jinbutsu) :character, person

2904. 触れる (fureru) :touch, come in contact with

2905. 記念 (kinen) :commemoration, memory

2906. 役 (yaku) :role, part

2907. 費用 (hiyou) :expense, cost

2908. 指定 (shitei) :designation, appointment

2909. 感情 (kanjou) :feeling, emotion

2910. 空 (kara) :emptiness, hollow

Day 92

2911. 関わる (kakawaru) :be involved, be concerned

2912. 仲間 (nakama) :comrade, peer

2913. 整理 (seiri) :putting something in order, sorting out

2914. 至る (itaru) :come to, reach

2915. 独立 (dokuritsu) :independence, self-reliance

2916. 賞 (shou) :prize, award

2917. 誕生 (tanjou) :birth

2918. いらっしゃる (irassharu) :come, go (honorific)

2919. 都 (to) :metropolis of Tokyo

2920. 全員 (zenin) :all members, entire staff

Day 93

2921. 明確 (meikaku) :clear and specific

2922. 少なくとも (sukunakutomo) :at least, at a minimum

2923. セット (setto) :set

2924. 魅力 (miryoku) :charm, attraction

2925. きちんと (kichinto) :properly, neatly

2926. 手段 (shudan) :means, way

2927. 有効 (yuukou) :effective, valid

2928. 集中 (shuuchuu) :concentration, convergence

2929. 現象 (genshou) :phenomenon

2930. 感動 (kandou) :to be impressed, to be touched

Day 94

2931. 禁止 (kinshi) :prohibition, forbiddance

2932. 会員 (kaiin) :member (of an association, society, etc.)

2933. 過ごす (sugosu) :spend (time)

2934. 納得 (nattoku) :to fully understand and accept

2935. 収入 (shuunyuu) :income

2936. レポート (repooto) :report, paper

2937. 年齢 (nenrei) :age

2938. 舞台 (butai) :stage, setting

2939. 交通 (koutsuu) :traffic, transportation

2940. 他人 (tanin) :other people, stranger

Day 95

2941. 組 (kumi) :school class, group, pair

2942. 否定 (hitei) :denial, negation

2943. 扱う (atsukau) :handle, deal with

2944. 修正 (shuusei) :correction, revision

2945. 一応 (ichiou) :tentatively, just in case

2946. 生じる (shoujiru) :happen, occur

2947. 訪問 (houmon) :visit

2948. 引用 (inyou) :quotation, citation

2949. 芸術 (geijutsu) :art, arts and crafts

2950. 解釈 (kaishaku) :interpretation, explanation

Day 96

2951. 行 (gyou) :line, row

2952. 結論 (ketsuron) :conclusion

2953. 困難 (konnan) :difficulty, hardship

2954. 回復 (kaifuku) :recovery, recuperation

2955. 適用 (tekiyou) :application, coverage

2956. 集団 (shuudan) :group, mass

2957. 事態 (jitai) :situation, state of affairs

2958. スタート (sutaato) :start, begin

2959. 更に (sarani) :furthermore, still more

2960. 活躍 (katsuyaku) :(successful) performance, action

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