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3000 most common japanese words

Next to 2000 most common japanese words list. In this post, we would like to introduce to you 3000 most common japanese words (1000 words more, next to previous 1000 words list). The list is divided in to each 10 words, so that you can learn it everyday with 10 word, and each page have 60 words for you to learn everyweek.

3000 most common japanese words

3000 most common japanese words – week 1

Day 1

2001. ご存知 (gozonji) :know (honorific)

2002. 雀 (suzume) :sparrow

2003. 適当 (tekitou) :proper, adequate

2004. 残り (nokori) :rest, leftover

2005. 戻す (modosu) :put (something) back

2006. 体重 (taijuu) :body weight

2007. どうせ (douse) :anyway

2008. あれこれ (arekore) :this and that, one thing or another

2009. 湖 (mizuumi) :lake

Day 2

2010. とうとう (toutou) :finally, in the end

2011. 負け (make) :defeat, loss

2012. 悔しい (kuyashii) :frustrating, regrettable

2013. 姉妹 (shimai) :sisters

2014. 助かる (tasukaru) :be helped, be rescued

2015. 手前 (temae) :in front

2016. さっぱり (sappari) :completely not

2017. ついで (tsuide) :on the way, to take the opportunity

2018. すっきり (sukkiri) :refreshed

2019. とんでもない (tondemonai) :unthinkable, outrageous

2020. 坂 (saka) :slope, hill

Day 3

2021. 飛び込む (tobikomu) :dive into, jump into

2022. コメント (komento) :comment

2023. 書き直す (kakinaosu) :rewrite

2024. 看護婦 (kangofu) :female nurse

2025. 就職 (shuushoku) :finding a job, getting a job

2026. 糸 (ito) :thread, yarn

2027. 売り場 (uriba) :sales floor, department

2028. 校長 (kouchou) :principal, schoolmaster

2029. 見学 (kengaku) :field trip

2030. 進学 (shingaku) :advance to higher education

Day 4

2031. 退院 (taiin) :discharge from hospital

2032. テント (tento) :tent

2033. 踊り (odori) :dance, dancing

2034. 植える (ueru) :plant, sow

2035. 幼稚園 (youchien) :kindergarten

2036. エアメール (eameeru) :airmail

2037. 四季 (shiki) :the four seasons

2038. ナイロン (nairon) :nylon

2039. 消防車 (shoubousha) :fire engine

2040. ハンドバッグ (handobaggu) :handbag

Day 5

2041. 農業 (nougyou) :agriculture

2042. アイロン (airon) :iron (for clothes)

2043. ラッシュアワー (rasshuawaa) :rush hour

2044. 速達 (sokutatsu) :special delivery, express delivery

2045. 予習 (yoshuu) :preparation, previewing (a lesson)

2046. 書留 (kakitome) :registered mail

2047. 深さ (fukasa) :depth, profundity

2048. ウィスキー (wisukii) :whisky

2049. シャープペンシル (shaapupenshiru) :mechanical pencil

2050. 取引 (torihiki) :transaction, deal

Day 6

2051. 設ける (moukeru) :set up, establish

2052. 一定 (ittei) :fixed, certain

2053. 記者 (kisha) :journalist, reporter

2054. 基準 (kijun) :standard, criterion

2055. 傾向 (keikou) :tendency, disposition

2056. 契約 (keiyaku) :contract, agreement

2057. 産業 (sangyou) :industry

2058. 事情 (jijou) :circumstances, conditions

2059. 実行 (jikkou) :practice, execution

2060. 組織 (soshiki) :organization, structure

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