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Writing a diary in Japanese

Besides practicing writing a paragraph, writing a diary is also a useful way to improve your writing skills. In this post, we will introduce to you the lesson: Writing a diary in Japanese.

Writing a diary in Japanese

How to write a diary in Japanese

The purpose of writing a diary for each person is different. If you intend to write a diary to practice your writing skills, you should pay attention to the content and the length of a diary.

Choose the content

You can choose 1 of the following 7 contents, or you can choose all of 7 contents:

– Write about what happened in a day. Key word: 出来事 dekigoto

– Write about things you are grateful for. Key word: ありがたかったこと

– Write about difficulties and how to encourage yourself before difficulties. Key word: 辛い出来事 tsurai dekikoto

– Write about situations where you feel good. Why do you feel good? Key word: 調子の良い時 choushi no yoi toki

– Write about what you have realized. Key word: 気づいたこと kiduita koto

– Write about your ideas for building your own life. Key word: 自分の人生に定着させたい考え方 jibun no jinsei ni teichaku sasetai kangaekata

– Write about the goals you want to achieve. Key word: 達成させたい目標 seikou sasetai mokuhyou

With the above contents, you can both practice thinking, analyzing things like Japanese people and practice your writing skills.

Appropriate length

In Japan, diaries are usually designed following a certain size. There are about 5 ~ 6 lines for a diary. Although the length is up to each person, you should write briefly if you have just started to write.

Examples for writing a diary in Japanese

Example 1

8 gatsu 26-nichi (do)
August 26th (Saturday).

10-ji-goro ni takuhaibin de me ga sameru.
I wake up around 10 a.m. because I have an express home delivery parcel.

Yooguruto to bisuketto wo tabete nido nesuru.
I eat yogurt and biscuits and then sleep again.

Okitara 16-jidatta.
It was 4 p.m. when I got up.

Yannakya ikenaikoto wa takusan aru kedo yaru ki shinai naa.
There are many things I have to do, but I don’t feel like doing.

Heya de neteruto kibun ga shizunde ikukedo, soto wo aruite iru toki dake wa sukoshi maemuki ni naru.
I feel depressed when sleeping in the room. Only when walking outside, I’m a little more positive.

Demo heya ni modoru to mata dameda.
But when going back to the room, I feel depressed again.

22-ji kuraikara sukoshi mashi ni natte kite hon wo yon dari suru. Ato panepon.
I feel a little better from around 10 p.m. and read books. Then I play Panel de Pon (game).

Example 2

8 gatsu 27-nichi (Moku)
August 27th (Thursday)

Hirai-kun to issho ni Ginza no karee-ya-san, nataraji ni iku. Byuffe.
Go to NataraJ – a curry restaurant in Ginza – with Hirai. It is buffet.

Gabinsan no shoukai de bou shea hausu kanren no hito no shinro ni tsuite no hanashi wo kiku.
Listen to Gabin’s introduction about the career path of a person who works in the Share House business.

Betsuni boku ga chikara ni nareru koto wa na-sa-sou dakedo, yoi hitonanode umaku nanika ii no ga mitsukattara yoi to omou.
That story doesn’t seem to be able to help me, but I think because that person is a good person, it’s good if he finds something nice.

Sono ato kitaku. Fukasu. Gaishutsu shite enerugii wo tsukaihatasu.
Then I go home. Be sultry. Go out and use up energy.

Tokuni yonda wakede wanaikedo ie ni wa raikyaku ga ookatta. 10 nin kurai.
I didn’t call, but there were many visitors came to my house. About 10 people.

Nanka baagaakingu ga hayatte ite minna baagaakingu wo tabete ita.
Burger King was popular recently, so everyone ate Burger King.

Above is : Writing a diary in Japanese. Hope this post can help you improve your writing skills. Wish you all good study!

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  • The first example hit a little too close to home

  • I don’t understand the kanji for the days of the week you put. What are all of them?

    • Learn Japanese daily

      they are short form of 月曜日 (getsuyoubi) 火曜日 水曜日 木曜日 …


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