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signs used in Japanese grammar structuressigns used in Japanese grammar structures

As we are about to introduce category : Japanese grammar dictionary which will explain Japanese grammar structure. in this post we will explain signs used in Japanese grammar structures. You can search for the meaning of the signs used in structures in case you don’t understand.

signs used in Japanese grammar structures

SignsMeaningsConjugation examplesExamples in sentences
NNounNの+間に mean
Verb in infinitive form, then add 間に
夏休みの間に : On summer vacation
Vる (普通形)Verb (normal/ infinitive form)Vる+間に : Infinitive form of verb + 間に日本にいる間に : While in Japan
VているVerb in continuos form
VないPassive verbVない+ 間に : Verb in passive form  + 間にいない間 : While being absent
Vて (形)Verb in て formVて+からでないと:Verb conjugated in てform +からでないと相談してからでないと:once we haven’t discussed ~
VたPast tense verbVた+とき:Verb in た form+とき日本に来た時:When I arrived Japan
Vなら, ば, たらĐộng từ chia ở thể giả địnhVなら, ば、たらいい店なら:If it is a good store
このボタンを押せば:If you press this button
VていたVerb in ていた form (past continuos tense)Vていた+時: Verb is conjugated in past continuos form and is added 時泳ぎに行っていた:I was going swimming
AいAdjective suffix いA(い)+くない : Adjective ending in い remove い, then add くないたかくない:Not high
AなAdjective suffix なAな+N : keep な intact, then add nounきれいなひと: beautiful, pretty, good-looking person

above is signs used in Japanese grammar structures. These signs are used mostly in category : Japanes grammar dictionary and also other post in learnjapanesedaily.com

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