N3 listening practice lesson 2

N3 listening practise lesson 2

Hello everyone ! In this series, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you the N3 listening exercises, with the aim of supporting  who are studying N3 exam to listen better and get better grades in the N3 listening section. Let’s start with the first lesson: practise N3 listening lesson 2

N3 listening practise lesson 2

How to practise listening

You listen and do exercise as usual. After listening and choosing the answer, you can refer to the form of exercise and the translation.

In addition, you can apply how to do this exercise in the same way as referencing below for similar types of exercises.

Video for N3 listening practise lesson 2

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N3 listening practice lesson 2 – Tapescript




Translation for Reference :

It is a supermarket announcement. Which one does not fit the announcement?

Announcement: Thank you very much for coming to our store every time. Today is Sunday and Fish Day. Fresh fish are best to buy (sold at good price, usually lower than everyday). Frozen foods are also half price for all items. Please purchase on this occasion. One person can buy a pack of 98 yen-egg. Just now, at our shop, we are looking for a cellular mail staff who know well about contacting by e-mail. Please join with us!

Which one does not fit the announcement?

Instruction to practice:

In order to understand and make this type of lesson effectively, you can apply the following steps:

1. Look at the 4 answers (pictures) before listening to get the content of the answer:

Picture 1: A pack of 98 yen egg – one person get one pack  (1 パ ッ ク 98 で の 卵 – い 一 つ 様 で お 願 い)

Painting 2: Frozen foods-50% (冷凍 食品 5 割 り 引)

Painting 3: Sunday – fishing day (日 曜 日 は お 魚 の 日)

Picture 4: Recruitment of points-earner card staff (ポ イ ン ト カ ー ド 会員 募集)

2. Listen and check the anwer

Pay attention, listen to the key words in the listening, compare with the answers given in the pictures and choose.

After listening, we have some key words as follows:

日 曜 日: Sunday

魚 の 日: fish day

冷凍 食品: frozen 全 品

半 額: half price

1 パ ッ ク 98 で の 卵:  1 pack of 98 yen-egg

メ ー ル 会員 を 募集: recruitment  e-mail staff

3. Choosing the answer:

Basing on the key words we have, we proceed with the analysis as follows:

1 pack of 98 yen egg per person. This is mentioned => answer 1 is not correct (as it fit the announcement)

In the article frozen foods is mentioned, discounted half price so this is in accordance with the content of the notice => answer 2 is not correct

In the 3rd answer Sunday, fishing day appeared => answer 2 is not correct

We do not see the mention ポ イ ン ト カ – ド in the listening => Select answer 4

Above is the content of N3 listening practice lesson 2. Hope you can improve your listening ability effectively. See more similar N3 listening practices at category : JLPT N3 Listening practice.

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