N2 listening practice lesson 32

N2 listening practice lesson 32

Hello everyone ! In this series, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you the N2 listening exercises, with the aim of supporting  who are studying N2 exam to listen better and get better grades in the N2 listening section. Let’s start with the lesson: practice N2 listening lesson 32

N2 listening practice lesson 32

How to practice listening

First, listen and do exercise. After listening and choosing the answer, you can read the translation and the instruction below for reference.

In addition, you can apply the way of taking this listening test for similar types of exercises.

N2 listening practice lesson 32

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N2 listening practice lesson 32 – Tapescript:


男: あの看板の電話番号の上に書いてあるひらがなって、何ですか。「し・ろ・い・は」って。

女: ああ、あれはね、ほら、電話番号が4618でしょ。「し」は「いち、に、さん、し」の「し」、「ろ」は「ろく」の「ろ」、「い」は「いち」の「い」、そしてね…

男: あ、わかった!「は」は「はち」の「は」ですね。

女: そう、歯医者さんの看板だから、覚えてもらいやすいでしょ。

男: へー、おもしろいですねー。

女: 温泉旅館の電話番号で、「よ・い・ふ・ろ」っていうのがあるわよ。

男: よ・い・ふ・ろ…。「よ」は、「よん」の「よ」ですよね。「い」は「いち」の「い」で、「ふ」、「ふ」、「ふ」、「ふ」って、なんの「ふ」かな…。

女: ほら、「ふたつ」の「ふ」よ。「ろ」は「ろく」の「ろ」でしょ。

男: ああ、そうか。わかった、わかった。えーと7は「な」でいいんですよね。そうすると、僕の電話番号は「ふ・ろ・な・し」だ。お風呂あるんだけどなー、ハハハ。






Vocabulary :

看板(かんばん): signboard, billboard, sign

Translation for Reference :

An international student is talking to a woman. What is this international student’s phone number?

Man : What does the Hiragana characters written on the phone number of that sign mean? The “shi, ro, i, ha” characters…

Woman : Oh, that means the phone number is 4618. “shi” is “shi” in “ichi, ni, san, shi” (one, two, three, four), “ro” is “ro” in “roku” (six), “i” is “i” in “ichi” (one), and…

Man : Oh, I got it! “ha” is “ha” in “hachi” (eight), isn’t it?

Woman : Yes, because it’s a dentist’s sign, it’s easy to remember isn’t it?

Man : Oh, that’s interesting.

Woman : There are the “yo, i, fu, ro” characters on the phone number of the hot spring inn.

Man : Yo, i, fu, ro. “yo” is “yo” in “yon” (four), right? “i” is “i” in “ichi” (one), and “fu”, what is “fu”?

Woman : It is “fu” in “futatsu”. And “ro” is “ro” in “roku”.

Nam : Oh, is that so? I got it! Well, the number 7 is “na”, isn’t it? Then my phone number is “fu, ro, na, shi”. I have a bath (ofuro)… hahaha.

What is this international student’s phone number?





Instruction to practice:

Exercise format: Listen and analyze information

In order to understand and do this form of exercise effectively, you can apply the following steps:

This is a difficult form of listening, we must listen to the whole conversation and then choose the answer. With this exercise, there is a rule of phone numbers as follows:

「い」 in 「いち」 : number 1

「ふ」 in「ふたつ」 : number 2

「し」 in「し」 : number 4

「ろ」 in 「ろく」 : number 6

「な」 in「なな」 : number 7

「は」 in 「はち」 : number 8

Finally, the international student said 僕の電話番号は「ふ・ろ・な・し」だ (my phone number is “fu, ro, na, shi”).

So we choose answer 4.2674

Above is the content of N2 listening practice lesson 32. Hope you can improve your listening ability effectively. See more similar N2 listening practices at category : N2 Listening practice.

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