N2 listening practice lesson 31

N2 listening practice lesson 31

Hello everyone ! In this series, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you the N2 listening exercises, with the aim of supporting  who are studying N2 exam to listen better and get better grades in the N2 listening section. Let’s start with the lesson: practice N2 listening lesson 31

N2 listening practice lesson 31

How to practice listening

First, listen and do exercise. After listening and choosing the answer, you can read the translation and the instruction below for reference.

In addition, you can apply the way of taking this listening test for similar types of exercises.

N2 listening practice lesson 31

Please click on the video below to start listening

N2 listening practice lesson 31 – Tapescript:


男 : 文化祭でライブハウスをやろうと思って、音楽室を借りてあるんだけど…。

女 : あ、そう。マイクやアンプなんかは?

男 : うん、それはね、バンドのメンバーが持ってくればいいから…。問題はね、ポスターを作らないといけないんだけど。みんなそういう苦手で…。エミにお願いしたいんだけど、いい?紙とかペンとか用意するから。

女 : それはいいけど、飲み物も出すんでしょ。コップとかの用意は?あと、当日、手伝ってくれる人、頼んでんの?最低3人は必要だと思うよ。私は、バイトで手伝えないからね。

男 : えー、そうなの?どうしよう。

女 : 一番大事なことじゃない。すぐに手配しないと。






Vocabulary :

ライブハウス : live music club

手配する(てはいする) : to arrange, to prepare

Translation for Reference :

A male student and a female student are talking at the university. What does the male student have to do from now on?

Man : I’m going to make a live music club at the school festival and I have borrowed the music room…

Woman : Oh, really? What about microphones and amplifiers?

Man : Uh, the band members will bring those… The problem is, we have to make posters. But everyone isn’t good at that… Emi, can you do that for us? I’ll prepare papers and pens.

Woman : That’s fine, but you will prepare drinks, won’t you? Have you prepared the cups? And have you asked someone for help on that day yet? I think you need at least three people. I have to work part-time so I can’t come to help you.

Man : Eh? Is that so? What should I do?

Woman: Isn’t that the most important thing? You have to arrange it immediately.

What does the male student have to do from now on?

1.Borrow a room

2.Prepare posters

3.Find someone to help him on that day

4.Prepare microphones and amplifiers

Instruction to practice:

Exercise format:  Find the main idea

In order to understand and do this form of exercise effectively, you can apply the following steps:

The question is:

What does the male student have to do from now on?

With this form of listening, all the answers given match with information in the conversation, but we must determine the order of all answers and choose the best one.

Initially, the male student mentioned about having borrowed the music room (-> we eliminate answer 1). Then he said that the band members would bring microphones and amplifiers [バンドのメンバーが持ってくればいいから] (-> we eliminate answer 4). Answer 2 and answer 3 are easy to mistake because the female student asked the male student about preparing posters and finding someone to help on that day at once. But she cared more about finding someone to help, and the keyword 手配する(to arrange, to prepare) also appeared at the end of the conversation.

So we choose answer 3.当日、手伝ってくれる人を探す

Above is the content of N2 listening practice lesson 31. Hope you can improve your listening ability effectively. See more similar N2 listening practices at category : N2 Listening practice.

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