N2 listening practice lesson 19

N2 listening practice lesson 19

Hello everyone ! In this series, Learn Japanese daily will introduce to you the N2 listening exercises, with the aim of supporting  who are studying N2 exam to listen better and get better grades in the N2 listening section. Let’s start with the lesson: practice N2 listening lesson 19

N2 listening practice lesson 19

How to practice listening

First, listen and do exercise. After listening and choosing the answer, you can read the translation and the instruction below for reference.

In addition, you can apply the way of taking this listening test for similar types of exercises.

N2 listening practice lesson 19

Please click on the video below to start listening

N2 listening practice lesson 19 – Tapescript:








Vocabulary :

物件 (ぶっけん) : property (real estate)

敷金(しききん): (security) deposit

手数料(てすうりょう): handling charge, commission

Translation for Reference :

A real estate agent is talking. If you rent this apartment, how much do you have to pay first?

Man: This is the payment that you will pay first, but you will use this apartment from the first day of next month, so it includes 50,000 yen of next month’s rent, plus 3,000 yen of management fee and the key money being one month’s rent… Oh, excuse me. There is no key money for this property, so only one month deposit is required. Then…  We are getting our handling charge being one month’s rent… So the total is…

Question: If you rent this apartment, how much do you have to pay first?

1.150,000 yen

2.153,000 yen

3.159,000 yen

4.203,000 yen

Instruction to practice:

Exercise format: Calculating

In order to understand and do this form of exercise effectively, you can apply the following steps:

1. Catch the topic and the question :

The situation taking place here is:


A real estate agent is talking.

=> The topic: Predicting about the property.

The question is:


If you rent this apartment, how much do you have to pay first?

2. Note the main ideas:

According to the topic, you should focus on important key words relating to the fees :

来月分の家賃:   5万円

管理費:  3千円

礼金:  家賃1か月分


敷金: 1か月分

手数料:  1か月分

3. Choosing the answer:

List the fees that are required:

Next month’s rent  (来月分の家賃) :   5万円 = 50000 yen

Management fee (管理費) :  3千円= 3000 yen

Key money ( 礼金) : なし = 0

Deposit  (敷金) : 1か月分 (one month’s rent)  = 50000 yen

Handling charge ( 手数料) :  1か月分 (one month’s rent) = 50000 yen

In total: 50000 + 3000 + 50000 + 50000 = 153000 yen (15万3千円)

So the correct answer is answer 215万3千円

Above is the content of N2 listening practice lesson 19. Hope you can improve your listening ability effectively. See more similar N2 listening practices at category : N2 Listening practice.

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