Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 8

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 8Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 1

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 8. To make it easier for you to study, Learn Japanese Online has collected Japanese N2 vocabularies from many sources. Each lesson contains 10 words (It’s a nice quantity for you to study regularly. The post is devided in to 6 days (or 1 week).

Tips for studying :

– Study regularly, do review in the next day, next 3 days and what you learnt in 1 week

– Note down difficult words that you spend all the week to study without result, then keep it with you to study anywhere

– You should imagine how the word is used in real life situation, make a sentence, or several other good ways in : How to learn Japanese.

– Determination and effort will help you to be successful !

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 8

1. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 43

避ける (さける) : To avoid (physical). 自動車を避ける : Avoid the car.

放っておく (ほうっておく) : To abandon

仕事を任せる (しごとをまかせる) : To entrust

ほほえむ : To smile

従う (したがう) : To obey

逆らう (さからう) : To disobey, oppose

わびる : To apologize

感謝する (かんしゃする) : To thank, show grattitude

冗談を言う (じょうだんをいう) : To make a joke

いやみをいう : To speak ill, say words of hatred

2. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 44

文句を言う : To complain

うそをつく : To lie

だまる : To keep silent

自慢する (じまんする) : To boast, take pride in

いばる : To act big

ふざける : To joke, play around

まねをする : To imitate

悪口を言う (わるくちをいう) : To speak ill (behind someone’s back)

友達に恵まれる (ともだちにめぐまれる) : To be blessed with friends, to have a lot of friends

友達ともめる : To have a row, to have trouble with friends

3. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 45

いやな態度を取る (たいどをとる) : To have bad attitude

態度を改める (たいどをあらためる) : To change the attitude

失敗を人のせいにする (しっぱいをひとのせいにする) : To blame the fault/failure on somebody else

医師の診察を受ける (いしのしんさつをうける) : To see a doctor

早めに医者にかかる (はやめにいしゃにかかる) : To go/see a doctor early/quickly

健康診断を受ける (けんこうしんだんをうける) : Get/go through a medical/health check

血圧が高い (けつあつがたかい) : High blood pressure

病気の症状 (びょうきのしょうじょう) : Disease symptoms

顔色が悪い (かおいろがわるい) : Bad complexion/expression (looking sick)

体の具合が悪い (からだのぐあいがわるい) : To  feel unwell

4.JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 46

吐き気がする (はきけがする) : To feel nauseous

頭がぼうっとする : My head is blurred

熱中症 (ねっちゅうしょう) : Heatstroke

体に熱がこもる (からだにねつがこもる) : To have a fever

体がだるい : The body aches

肩がこる (かた) : The shoulders ache/are stiff

ストレスがたまる : Feeling stress/The stress piles up

痛みをこらえる : To put up with the pain. こらえる : To bear, to endure

痛みに耐える (いたみにたえる) : To endure the pain. It could be used for sadness.

肌が荒れる (はだがあれる) : The skin is rough

5. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 47

体がかゆい : The body itches

湿疹ができる (しっしん) : The rash appears

花粉症で鼻がつまる (かふんしょうではながつまる) : Stuffy nose due to hay fever

虫歯になる (むしば) : To have a decay

リハビリする : To rehabilitate (physical)

傷口がふさがる (きずぐち) : The wound heals

手術の傷あとが痛む (しゅじゅつのきずあとがいたむ) : The surgery scar hurts

レントゲンを撮る (とる) : To take x-ray

がんで死亡する (しぼう) : Die of cancer

いつか : Someday

6. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 48

いつまでも : Forever and ever

いつのまにか : Before one knows, no one knows when

つい : accidentally

ついに : Finally. ついに完成を見た : Finally finished it.

どうしても : Certainly, by all means, at any cost

どうも : Very

なんとか : Something or other, this way or another そこを何とか頼む : I hope that you can help me (one way or another). 何とかしよう : We gotta do something.

どうにか : somehow, in some way or other. 論文をどうにか形にしようとがんばる : I try to shape my article one way or another.

なんとなく : Vaguely, somehow or other. 彼の気持ちは何となくわかるような気がする I might somehow understand his feelings.

なんとも。。。ない : absolutely, extremely, not a bit. 体は何ともありません : My body is absolutely fine.

Above is Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 8. Learn the following weeks in the category : JLPT N2 Vocabulary.

Goodluck !

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