Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 6

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 6Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 1

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 6. To make it easier for you to study, Learn Japanese Online has collected Japanese N2 vocabularies from many sources. Each lesson contains 10 words (It’s a nice quantity for you to study regularly. The post is devided in to 6 days (or 1 week).

Tips for studying :

– Study regularly, do review in the next day, next 3 days and what you learnt in 1 week

– Note down difficult words that you spend all the week to study without result, then keep it with you to study anywhere

– You should imagine how the word is used in real life situation, make a sentence, or several other good ways in : How to learn Japanese.

– Determination and effort will help you to be successful !

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 6

1. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 31

わがままな : Selfish, egoistic

プライドが高い : Proud (arrogant)

マナーがいい : Nice manner

センスがいい : Sensitive, good sense

要領がいい (ようりょう) : Skillful, to be able to do anything smoothlyベテランらしく要領がいい : Skillful like an expert/experienced

おだやかな : Calm, gentle

おとなしい : Quiet, docile, obedient

落ち着いている (おちついている) : To calm down

頼もしい (たのもしい) : Reliable, trustworthy

そそっかしい : Careless, thoughtless

2. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 32

のんきな : Carefree

短気な (たんきな) : Short tempered

気が小さい (きがちいさい) : Mean-minded

あわれな : Pitiful. 人々の哀れを誘った : To get/attract people’s sympathy

くどい : Verbose, importunate. くどい質問 : Importunate question, irritating other people. The same meaning as しつこい but in a negative way.

ひきょうな : Coward

ずるい : Cunning, sly

ダサい : out of fashion, unsophisticated

上品な (じょうひんな) : Refined, elegant.

下品な (げひんな) : Vulgar, coarse. 下品な人 : Indecent, vulgar person. 下品な言葉遣い: Vulgar words/language

3. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 33

かっこいい : Good looking, attractive, stylish

かっこ悪い : Unattractice, ugly

気が強い (きがつよい) : Strong, determined

気が弱い (きがよわい) : Weak, diffident, unsure

器用な (きような) : Skillful

不器用な (ふきような) : Clumsy

まじめな : Serious, hardworking

ふまじめな : Unsteady

豊かな (ゆたかな) : Rich, Abundant. 才能の豊かな画家 : An extremely talented artist

快適な (かいてきな) : Comfortable. 快適な生活 : A comfortable life. 快適な一日を過ごす : Have a comfortable day.

4.JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 34

楽な (らくな) : Easy, comforting

派手な (はでな) : Showy, flashy

粗末な (そまつな) : Crude, rough (Sometimes used when you are being humble). 粗末な家 : A plain, shabby house.

みじめな : Miserable, pitiable. みじめな姿のねこ : The cat looks miserable.

やっかいな : Troubling, annoying. 厄介なことに巻き込まれる : Getting dragged into a troubling business.

あいまいな : Vague, ambiguous unclear. あいまいな応え : A vague answer.

ありふれた : Common, unsurprising. 有り触れた話 : A common story.

あわただしい : Busy, hurried. あわただしい毎日を送る : Spend everyday being busy

さわがしい/ そうぞうしい : Noisy, boisterous

やかましい : Nagging, annoying. 工事の音がやかましい : The sound from the construction site is noisy. 警察がやかましい : The police are always nagging

5. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 35

めでたい : Happy, joyous. 合格して何よりめでたい. It’s great that you passed. Congratulations.

等しい (ひとしい) : Equal, similar.  A と B は重さが等しい.  The weight of A and B is the same.

みにくい : Ugly, unattractive

荒っぽい (あらっぽい) : Rough, rude

空っぽ (からっぽ) : Empty, vacant

真っ黒な (まっくろな) : Pitch black

真っ青な (まっさおな) : Deep blue

真っ赤な (まっかな) : Bright red

真っ白な (まっしろな) : Pure ehite

にらむ : Glare

6. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 36

くわえる : To hold in the mouth, to have. 汁に塩をくわえる. Sweat has salt.

かじる : To chew, munch. ねずみがリンゴをかじる : The mouse bites the apple. ロシア語を少しかじた. I learned a bit Russian

ささやく : Whisper. 耳もとでささやく. Whisper to the ear

うなずく : To nod, agree. いちいちうなずきながら話を聞く : Listen to the story while nodding constantly

担ぐ (かつぐ) : To be in charged, to carry. みこしを担ぐ : Carry the mikoshi (used in festivals)

抱える (かかえる) : To hold, carry. ひざを抱えて座る : Sit with your knees folded. 多くの負債を抱えて倒産する. Going bankrupt while carrying lots of debts.

ぶらさげる : To hang, swing. 腰に手拭いをぶらさげる : To hang the towel on the waist

ポケットに手をつっこむ : To put the hand in the pocket

パンにハムをはさむ : To put the ham in the sandwich

のりでくっつける : To mend it back with glue

Above is Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 6. Learn the following weeks in the category : JLPT N2 Vocabulary.

Goodluck !

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