Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 7

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 7Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 1

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 7. To make it easier for you to study, Learn Japanese Online has collected Japanese N2 vocabularies from many sources. Each lesson contains 10 words (It’s a nice quantity for you to study regularly. The post is devided in to 6 days (or 1 week).

Tips for studying :

– Study regularly, do review in the next day, next 3 days and what you learnt in 1 week

– Note down difficult words that you spend all the week to study without result, then keep it with you to study anywhere

– You should imagine how the word is used in real life situation, make a sentence, or several other good ways in : How to learn Japanese.

– Determination and effort will help you to be successful !

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 7

1. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 37

水道の蛇口をひねる (すいどうのじゃぐちをひねる) : Twist the tap (on the faucet)

ひざを曲げる (まげる) : To bend the knees

みぞをまたぐ : To stride across the ditch

石につまずく : To stumble upon the rock

雪道ですべる (ゆきみち) : To slip on the snowy road

道路でしゃがむ (どうろ) : To squat on the road

体をねじる : To twist your body

壁にもたれる (かべ) : To lean on the wall

壁にぶつかる : To hit the wall

自転車とすれ違う (じてんしゃとすれちがう) : To pass by a bicycle

2. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 38

地面をはう (じめん) : To crawl on the ground

おじぎする : To bow

くやしい : Regrettable, mortifying

つらい : Painful, heart-breaking

なさけない : Miserable, shameful

申し訳ない (もうしわけない) : To be really sorry.

残念だ (ざんねんだ) : Regrettable

仕方がない (しかたがない) : không thể giúp gì được

しょうがない : There’s no other way.

疑問に思う (ぎもんにおもう) : To have doubts

3. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 39

不思議だ (ふしぎだ) : Strange, weird

納得がいかない (なっとく) : Unacceptable, unsatisfying

あきる : To get tired of, to be bored of

あきれる : To be surprised, amazed

あきらめる : To give up

あわてる : To be confused

あせる : To be impatient, anxious

ためらう : To hesitate. 言っていいものかどうかためらう. I’d better say it but I hesitate.

あこがれる : To admire, long for (something, somebody)

落ち込む (おちこむ) : To feel down, depressed

4.JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 40

恋しい (こいしい) : yearned for, missed. 恋しい人 : The person you miss

なつかしい : Nostalgic, missed

ありがたい : Grateful, thankful

みっともない : Embarrassing, shameful

ばからしい : Absurd

おしい : Regrettable, disappointing. When the ball misses the goal : おしい ! How regrettable

にくい : Hateful, detestable. 冷酷な犯人がにくい . That cold-blooded criminal is detestable

面倒くさい (めんどう) : Bothersome, troubling

夢中になる (むちゅう) : To become addicted to

悩む (なやむ) : To worry

5. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 41

神に祈る (かみにいのる) : To pray to the Gods

神にちかう : To vow to the Gods

仏をおがむ (ほとけ) : To worship Buddha

尊敬する (そんけいする) : To respect

えらいと思う : To think that’s great

信用する (しんようする) : To trust

いじめる : To bully

やっつける : To finish off

からかう : To tease

バカにする (おれをばかにするか) : To tease, consider stupid

6. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 42

けなす : To speak ill of. 他人の作品をけなす. Speak ill of other people’s work.

責める (せめる) : To blame, accuse. 俺に失政を責めるな. Don’t blame me for the failure

おどかす : To threaten, menace. うしろからわっと言っておどかす. Saying “wa-” from the back to scare someone

頼る (たよる) : To rely on, depend on

頼りにする (たよりにする) : To be dependent

なぐさめる : To console

許す (ゆるす) : To allow, approve

裏切る (うらぎる) : To betray

だます : To lie (somebody)

傷つける (きずつける) : To wound, hurt

Above is Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 7. Learn the following weeks in the category : JLPT N2 Vocabulary.

Goodluck !

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