Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 9

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 9Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 1

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 9. To make it easier for you to study, Learn Japanese Online has collected Japanese N2 vocabularies from many sources. Each lesson contains 10 words (It’s a nice quantity for you to study regularly. The post is devided in to 6 days (or 1 week).

Tips for studying :

– Study regularly, do review in the next day, next 3 days and what you learnt in 1 week

– Note down difficult words that you spend all the week to study without result, then keep it with you to study anywhere

– You should imagine how the word is used in real life situation, make a sentence, or several other good ways in : How to learn Japanese.

– Determination and effort will help you to be successful !

Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 9

1. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 49

もしかしたら : Maybe, probably. もしかしたら夢だったのかもしれない : Maybe it was a dream.

もしかすると : Perhaps, maybe. もしかすると午後から雨になるかもしれない : Maybe it will rain in the afternoon

なるべく : as much as possible. なるべく早く来てください : Please come as soon as possible

なるほど : I see, indeed. A : 彼は歌が上手ですね。B : 昔かれは歌詞だから。A : なるほど (A : He sings really well. B : He was a singer before. A : I see.

たしか : Certain, for sure. 確かなな情報 : Certain (reliable) information.

たしかに : Surely, certainly. 書類は、確かに受け取りました : I certainly received the materials.

まもなく : soon, in a short time. まもなく春が来るね : Not long till the spring comes.

近々 (ちかぢか) : Soon, before long. 近々に出発の予定です : We are going to depart soon.

そのうち : Sooner or later, soon. また、そのうち、余裕ができたら、よろしくお願いします : Also, if you have time, please help me.

やがて : Before long, soon. やがては春が来る : The spring will come soon.

2. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 50

ようやく : Finally, at last. 戦争が終わりようやく平和になった. The war ended, peace has finally come.

いずれ : Sometime, what, which. いずれ会いましょう : Let’s meet sometime. いずれ明らかになるよ It will be bright soon.それはいずれも先生のものなので、触らないでください Those things, either is teacher’s so don’t touch them.

たちまち : In a moment. 飲めばたちまち効く薬 : The medicine that will cure you in no time after you take it.

ただちに : At once, immediately. その方法が直ちに成功につながる That method will leads to success immediately.

にわかに : Suddenly. 天候がにわかに変化する : The climate suddenly changes.

絶えず (taezu) : Constantly, always. 水が絶えずわき出ている : The water is constantly flowing.

つねに : Always, constantly. 常に努力を重ねる : Always do my best.

しきりに : Frequently, repeatedly. 先程からしきりに電話のベルが鳴る From a moment ago the phone bell is ringing repeatedly.

しょっちゅう : Usually, constantly. バスが遅れるのはしょっちゅうだ The bus is usually late.

もうすでに : Already.

3. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 51

とっくに : Already, long ago. とっくに戻っているはずなのに He/She must have returned long ago.

前もって : in advance. 前もって連絡してね : Please contact me in advance.

ほぼ : Almost, roughly. ほぼ同じです : IT’s almost the same..

およそ : Approximately. およそ20分かかります : It takes about 20 minutes.

ほんの : Mere, only. 本の少ししかない : There are only few books.

たった : Only, merely. たった人が来た. Only one person came.

せいぜい : At the most, at best. もうけはせいぜい百円ぐらいか. The profit is 100 Yen at most.

少なくとも : At least. 少なくとも考慮はしてほしい : I want you to at least consider it.

せめて : A t least (to show regret). せめて片親でも生きていてくれたらよかったのに : I wish one of the parents were alive.

たびたび : Occasionally : たびたび会った人 The one I met occasionally.

4.JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 52

いよいよ : cuối cùng thì. いよいよきた : cuối cùng thì cũng tới

いちいち : one by one. いちいち指摘した : Pointed one by one.

ふわふわ : Fluffy, airy. ふわふわと空に浮く : Float lightly up the sky. ふわふわした気分 : Fluffy feeling.

まごまご : Confused. 何処(どこ)へ坐つたらいいのかまごまごした : I don’t know where to sit.

それぞれ/めいめい/ひとりひとり : Each.

ばったり : By chance. 店で先生にばったり会う : I happen to meet the teacher at the store.

こっそり : Secretly, stealthily. 裏口からこっそり(と)忍(しの)び込む : I secretly sneak inside from the back door.

ぴったり : Tightly, closely. 窓をぴったり(と)閉める : Shut the window tightly.

ぎっしり : Tightly, fully. 箱にぎっしり(と)詰める : To stuff everything tightly in the box

ちらりと : At a glance, briefly. ちらりと耳にする : I briefly hear it.

5. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 53

うんざり : Tedious, being fed up it. あまりの長話にうんざりする : I get bored with such long stories.

びっしょり : Drenched. びっしょり(と)汗をかく : I’m drenched with sweat.

びしょびしょ : Saturated. 雨で服がびしょびしょになる: The clothes are wet through with rain.

しいんと : Quiet, silent. この部屋は、しいんとしている : This room is quiet.

ずらりと : In line. 名札がずらりと掛かっている : The name tags are hanging in line.

さっさと : Quickly, hurriedly. さっさと片付ける : Clean it quickly.

せっせと : Industriously, diligently. せっせと働く : Work diligently.

どっと : (In unison) Suddenly. みんながどっと笑う : Everyone suddenly laugh out loud.

すっと : Quickly, all of a suddoen. 手をすっと差し出す : Quickly hold out my hand.

ひとりでに : By itself, automatically (Without any force from outside). 風も無いのにひとりでに戸があいた : There was no wind but the door opened by itself.

6. JLPT N2 Vocabulary day 54

いっせいに : Simultaneously

相当 (そうとう) : Quite

おおいに : Very much

うんと : A lot

たっぷり : Full, plenty

あまりにも : Very

やや : A little

多少 (たしょう) : More or less

いくぶん/いくらか : A little/somewhat

わりに/わりと : Comparatively

Above is Jlpt N2 vocabulary week 9. Learn the following weeks in the category : JLPT N2 Vocabulary.

Goodluck !

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