JLPT N2 Grammar

JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 32JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 32

JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 32. Hi everyone! In this article, LearnJapanesedaily will introduce to you the JLPT N2 Grammar. Each lesson will consist of about 5 structures for you to learn step by step and have more time to practise.

Structure 156:

A(理由)。それで B(けっか)


A. That’s why B

For example:

Kare wa ame no naka wo hashitta. Sorede kaze wo hiita.
He ran in the rain. That’s why he caught a cold.

Kanojo wa nebou shita. Sorede shigoto ni okureta.
She overslept. That’s why she was late for work.

Structure 157:

「A」「それが B」


about that thing. Used to show an unexpected outcome.

For example:

“Repooto wa mou teishutsu shita yo ne?”  “Sore ga, mada kaite inai.”
“You have submitted the report, haven’t you?”  “Actually, I haven’t written yet.”

Structure 158:

A(予定)。それが B (Aと異なる結果)


A (Plan). However B (result different from A).

For example:

Kinou, isshoukenmei benkyou suru to chikatta. Sore ga, ichinichijuu geemu wo shite shimatta.
I swore to study hard yesterday. However, I played games all day.

Structure 159:

A(事情の説明)。そこで B(提案)


A(explain the situation). Hence B (suggest or solution)

For example:

Watashi no konpyuutaa ga kowareta. Sokode chokin shite atarashii konpyuutaa wo kau koto ni shita. 
My computer is broken. Hence, I decided to save money and buy a new computer.

Kinou wa ooame ga futta. Sokode tomodachi to ie de geemu wo shita.
It rained heavily yesterday. Hence, I played games at home with my friends.

Structure 160:

A。そういえば B


By the way (when reminded of another thing when you’re talking about one thing).

For example:

Sou ieba, anata wa Nihongo ga tokui deshita yo ne.
By the way, you are good at Japanese, right?

ii ie desu ne. Sou ieba, otousama wa sekkeishi-san deshita yo ne.
The house looks beautiful. By the way, your father is an architect, right?

Above are the JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 32. Remember to read carefully and make up your own examples to memorize better.

If there is anything that you find it hard to understand, feel free to comment below!

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