JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 24

JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 24
JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 24

JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 24. Hi everyone! In this article, LearnJapanesedaily will introduce to you the JLPT N2 Grammar. Each lesson will consist of about 5 structures for you to learn step by step and have more time to practise.

Structure 116:

N1から N2 にかけて


From N1 to N2 (both time and distance)

For example:

Watashi wa 2007-nen kara 2009-nen ni kakete, rondon ni sunde imashita.
I had been living in London from 2007 to 2009.

Kono eki kara, asoko no toori ni kakete, saikaihatsu sareru soudesu.
Seems like the area from this station to that road will be renovated.

Structure 117:

Nに/ Nの Aさに + かけては/かけても


When it comes to N ~

For example:

Ashi no hayasa ni kakete wa, kare wa machi de ichibanda.
When it comes to running, he is the best in town.

Uta no umasa ni kakete wa, kare ni kateru hito wa inai.
When it comes to singing well, no one topples him.

Structure 118:

V/ A/ N (short form) +とか


Heard that ~

For example:

Kon’ya no hanabi taikai wa, ame de chuushida toka.
Heard that the firework festival is cancelled due to rain.

Ima, infuruenza ga hayatte iru toka.
I heard that the flu has arrived quickly.

Structure 119:



Will not do something ever again.

For example:

Anna hidoi tokoro, nido to ikumai.
I won’t ever go to such horrible places again.

Kaigai ryokou de wa, zettai ni katta mizu igai wa nomumai to omotta.
I will never buy water outside next time I travel overseas.

Structure 120:

Vようか Vるまいか


To do or not to do something ~

For example:

Hontou no koto o hanasou ka hanasumai ka mayotta ga, kekkyoku zenbu hanashita.
Actually I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that but I said it eventually.

Tabetai kedo, futoritakunaishi, tabeyou ka tabemai ka, kangaete iru tokoro desu.
I want to eat but I don’t want to gain weight, I’m thinking if I should eat.

Above are the JLPT N2 Grammar lesson 24. Remember to read carefully and make up your own examples to memorize better.

If there is anything that you find it hard to understand, feel free to comment below!

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