Japanese words in the context of love.

Japanese words in the context of love.
Japanese words in the context of love.

Japanese words in the context of love. These are some of the words in the JLPT N3 associated with feelings, close to love. In normal contexts, they might have a different meaning, but in the context of love, we can use these words.

Below are  some Japanese words  in the context of love:

1. 交際する (こうさいする kousai suru) : To have a date (with someone).

2. 付き合う (つきあう tsukiau) : To date (someone), used in daily conversations.

3. けんかする : To have a fight with N.

4. 仲直りする (なかなおりする nakanaori suru ) : To make up (with someone, after a fight).

5. 仲がいい (なかがいい nakaga ii) : To have a good relationship (with someone).

6. 仲良しだ (なかよしだ naka yoshida) : Being a good friend. 仲良し means “equal”, it’s actually a variation of 仲がいい.

7. コンサートに誘う (コンサートにさそう konsaato ni sasou) : To ask N to go to the concert. コンサート : a concert. 誘う : to ask, invite.

8. 嫌がる (いやがる iyagaru) : To hate (someone)

9. ふる (furu) : To dump, ditch (a lover)

10. 気になる (きになる kininaru) : To like, be interested in.

11. Nが好きになる (すきになる sukini naru) : To like N, start to like N.

12. Nが嫌いになる (きらいになる kiraini naru) : To hate, start to hate N.

13. Nが いやになる (iya ni naru): To get tired of N, start to get tired of N.

14. Nがうらやまし (urayamashi): To get jealous of N, to want to become N (it doesn’t necessarily have to be used in love life).
(Nに)好かれる (すかれる) : To be liked by N (passive, sometimes not voluntary if the person likes you isn’t the person you like).

15. Nにふられる (furareru) : Dumped by N, ditched by N.

17. Nに夢中になる (むちゅうになる muchuu ni naru) : Enchanted by N, mesmerized by N, 夢中に means to roll in the deep, to not care about anything else.

18. 女性にもてる (じょせいにもてる josei ni moteru) : Ladykiller. Be attractive to woman

19. 付き合い (つきあい tsukiai) : Relationship

20. 買い物に付き合う (かいものにつきあう kaimonini tsukiau) : To go shopping with (someone).

21. 恋人 (こいびと koibito) : Lover.

22. Nさんの彼/彼氏 (Nのかれし kareshi) : N’s boyfriend.

23. Nさんの彼女 (かのじょ kanojo) : N’s girlfriend.

24. 結婚を申し込む (けっこんをもうしこむ kekkon wo moushikomi suru) : To propose (getting married).

25. 断る (ことわる kotowaru ) : To turn someone down, to reject.

26. あいまいな返事をする (あいまいなへんじをする aimaina henji wo suru) : To give a vague answer, not being decisive (when you’re still not sure about your feelings, or you just enjoy the attention, or you’re not being serious…)

Hopefully, some Japanese words used in the context of love like this will inspire you more to learn Japanese.

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