Japanese jokes – Hospitalization

Japanese jokes – Hospitalization

Japanese jokes - Hospitalization

Hello everyone! Continuing the Japanese jokes series, in this post, we will introduce to you : Japanese jokes – Hospitalization.

Japanese jokes – Hospitalization


病院に予約を入れて自宅で待機 していたら、


突然のことで、心の準備 が出来ていなかった父は、

思わず 「今、ちょっと体の具合が悪いので、

少し延ばしてもらえませんか」 と言ってしまった。

病院も何の疑問を持たず 父の要望を受け入れた

Vocabulary – Grammar :

父 chi chi : father

入院 nyuuin : hospitalization

病院 byouin : hospital

予約を入れて yoyaku wo irete  : book an appointment, make a reservation

自宅 jitaku : one’s home

待機  taiki :  awaiting an opportunity

思わぬ  omowanu : unexpected

疑問を持たず gimon wo motazu: with no question

要望 youbou: request

受け入れた ukeireta: to accept, to receive

 Hiragana :

ちちがにゅういんすることに なって

びょういんによやくを いれて じたくで きたいしていたら、






Translation :

My father had to be hospitalized,

he made a reservation at the hospital and waited at home,

he received contact from the hospital at an unexpected speed: “Please come to the hospital tomorrow”.

Because it was unexpected, my father, who was not ready for this, he unintentionally said:

“My health is not good now, so can you postpone the hospitalization schedule?”

The hospital had no doubt about this and accepted the request of my father.

If the health is not good, people should come to the hospital soon. No one asks to be hospitalized later 😛  The father was scared of hospitalization, so he asked the hospital to postpone hospitalization schedule :D, but the hospital had no doubt about this and followed the father’s request 😛

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