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Japanese jokes – A birthday gift

Japanese jokes - A birthday gift

Hello everyone! Continuing the Japanese jokes series, in this post, we will introduce to you : Japanese jokes – A birthday gift.

姪の誕生日に「これで何か美味しいものでも食べなさない」 と言って割り箸をあげました。

Vocabulary – Grammar :

姪 mei: niece

誕生日 tanjoubi: birthday

美味しい oishi: delicious, tasty

割り箸 waribashi: dispensable chopsticks, throwaway chopsticks

あげました agemashita: gave

Hiragana – romaji

めいのたんじょうびに「これでなにかおいしいものでもたべなさない」 といってわりばしをあげました。
mei no tanjoubi ni ” korede nani ka oishii mono demo tabenasai” to itte waribashi wo agemashita.


On my niece’s birthday, I gave her throwaway chopsticks and said : “Eat delicious food with these chopsticks!”.

割り箸 means throwaway chopsticks. They are used in restaurants and are often bought in bundles at very cheap prices. The wishes are great, but the gift is not great 😀

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Hope these Japanese jokes will bring you comfortable moments while learning Japanese 🙂

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