Cute Japanese song brushing teeth

Cute Japanese song brushing teethCute Japanese song brushing teeth

Cute Japanese song brushing teeth : は みがきのうた(hamigaki no u ta) – brushing teeth is a very cute Japanese song for Japanese children. Listen to it, surely you will love it. The Lyrics is made for kids, so it is very simple, it mean that it is very easy to learn for Japanese learner 🙂

Learning Japanese through extremely Cute Japanese song brushing teeth :

Vocabulary used in the song:

歯磨く はみがく hamigaku : brushing teeth

ば い 菌 ば い き ん baikin: bacteria

止 め て や め て yamete: please stop

頼まれた たのまれた tanomareta : was asked, execute a commission

虫歯になる むしばになる mushibani naru : Become tooth decay

い や だ 問 や だ も ん iyadamon: i do not like it

助 け て た す け て tasukete: help me

う が い ugai: gargling

さ っ ぱ り sappari: refreshing

ぴ か ぴ か pipapika: shiny

ク ッ キ kukki: biscuits

アイスクリーム aisukuriimu : ice cream

チ ョ コ レ ー ト chokoreeto: chocolate

前 歯 ま え ば maeba: front teeth

Each song in the category are noted with vocabulary used in it, this help Japanese learners to do translation by themselves. would not translate the song in order to let Japanese learner train themselves and learn more effectively. This will help Japanese learners to remember words better than just watching the Japanese translation.

Learn japanese daily hope that you’ve had your comfort moments this Cute Japanese song brushing teeth.
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