Basic understanding of Japanese

Basic understanding of JapaneseBasic understanding of Japanese

Basic understanding of Japanese. Hi everyone! In the hope of helping you get the gist of Japanese so that you can start your journey of learning Japanese. Japanese is considered a difficult language, especially the Chinese writing system named Kanji, and the different grammar.

Today LearnJapanesedaily is going to introduce to you the most basic understanding of Japanese.


Japanese pronunciation and intonation are not difficult, non-native speakers can easily pass this category. Japanese has a pitch accent or musical accent that is based on the two determined pitch and only one accent summit.

Japanese accent is not hard, on the other hand, very interesting. You will get used to it gradually or you can take a particular course focusing on pronunciation and intonation online.


Japanese grammar is a pretty complicated, mainly because it’s different from the English’s one or many other languages in general. It can hinder you from deciphering and comprehending sentences.

However, as long as you practise hard enough, you will realize it isn’t that hard. At the end of the day, it’s all about word allocation and anyone can learn it.

Writing systems

Japanese has 4 writing systems :

Hiragana : あ い う え お

Also referred to as Hiragana “smooth borrowed signs”, as all the strokes are very curvaceous and feminine. Hiragana is the base alphabet can be used for all Japanese words. There are about 50 characters but only 45 are in common use today.

To learn Japanese online, you need to memorize these as soon as possible.

Katakana ア イ ウ エ オ

Hard, angular and masculine . The strokes are generally straighter and the letters more rigid. Used for loan words. E.g: takushi (taxi), kurasu (class), has the same pronunciation as Hiragana.

Same as Hiragana, also needed to memorized as soon as possible.

Kanji : 一 二 三

Originating from China, used a lot in Japanese. Many complain that Kanji is hard, but it’s very convenient to use, once you get used to it, you will find it hard to read and write without Kanji. Besides, Kanji characters are beautiful, don’t judge too quick, it’ll grow on you.

Romaji a i u e o

Simply Japanese written with English alphabet. At first, it facilitates your learning, but once you have memorized all the above writing systems, using Romaji isn’t that much of a help anymore. This system is only suitable for starters.

Above is Basic understanding of Japanese. LearnJapanesedaily hopes with these basic knowledge about Japanese, you will be ready to accompany us on the journey of learning Japanese

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