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Common Japanese phrases that are not in the books

Textbooks are the basic material for foreign language learners. However, when you come to that country, you will find that reality and things written in the books are sometimes different from each other. Things written in books may be rarely used in real life and vice versa. In this post, Learn Japanese Daily will introduce to you some common Japanese phrases that are not in the books.

Common Japanese phrases that are not in the books

At school

Some common Japanese phrases that are used at school such as :

休講 (Kyūkō) : cancellation (of a lecture, class)

もぐる (Moguru) : attend a class just for fun (you are not a student at that class)

徹夜 (Tetsuya): staying up all night

staying up all night

爆睡 (Bakusui): sleeping like a log

爆笑 (Bakushō) : laughing hard

むずい (Muzui) – a short way of saying 難しい (Muzukashī) : difficult

切る (Kiru) : to cut. Its figurative meaning is to skip a class

パクる (Pakuru) : to copy, to plagiarize

At work

At work, you should memorize some Japanese sentences or phrases below to easily communicate with others.

ご 無沙汰しております(Gobusata shiteorimasu) is a formal expression instead of お久しぶりです (Ohisashiburi desu): I haven’t seen you for a long time

お 世話になっております(Osewa ni natte orimasu) : This sentence has many meanings depending on the situation. In this case, it means : I appreciate all you have done for me.

These two sentences are often used in social conversations or in business emails.

On the train

文庫本 (Bunkobon) : small-format paperback book

最寄り駅 (Moyorieki) : nearest station

すみません、降ります(Sumimasen, orimasu) : Excuse me, I’m getting of here (use when you pass through the crowd to get off the train).

痴 漢です!(Chikan desu!) : There is a pervert (This sentence is very useful because  in Japan, there are many perverts on buses or trains).

Japanese vocabulary on train

落し物 (Otoshimono): lost property, something dropped and left behind

When you see someone dropping something, you can say:

すみません、落し物ですよ!(Sumimasen, otoshimonodesu yo!) : Excuse me, you dropped something!

Above is : Common Japanese phrases that are not in the books. Learning vocabulary from social situations in real life will enrich your vocabulary and make it more practical. Wish you all good study!

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