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Titles in Japanese companies

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Titles in Japanese companies

The normal organizational chart of a joint stock company :

会長(かいちょう) : chairman

社長(しゃちょう) : company president

専務(せんむ) : senior managing director, executive director [専務取締役(せんむとりしまりやく), 専務(せんむ)執行役(しっこうやく)]

常務(じょうむ) : managing director

監査役 (かんさやく) : auditor

本部長(ほんぶちょう) : general manager
事業部長(じぎょうぶちょう) : senior executive manager

部長(ぶちょう) : head (chief, director) of a section or department

次長(じちょう) : deputy manager

課長(かちょう) : section manager

係長(かかりちょう) : subsection head

主任(しゅにん) : person in charge, senior staff

リーダー : leader

サブリーダー : subleader

上席(じょうせき):upper seat

班長 (はんちょう): group leader, team leader

社員(しゃいん): company employee

Some other titles :

作業員 : labourer

ワーカー : worker

副社長(ふくしゃちょう) : executive vice-president

副部長(ふくぶちょう) : deputy director

部員(ぶいん) : staff

取締役(とりしまりやく)会長(かいちょう) : board member / chairperson

取締役(とりしまりやく)副会長(ふくかいちょう) : vice chairperson

取締役(とりしまりやく)社長(しゃちょう) : president / representative of directors

副社長(ふくしゃちょう) : executive vice president, senior vice president

取締役(とりしまりやく)・役員(やくいん) : director(s)

常務(じょうむ)取締役(とりしまりやく) : managing director

相談役(そうだんやく)(顧問(こもん)): senior adviser

室長(しつちょう) : chief / director/head of a section(division/department)

参事(さんじ) : councilor

副参事(ふくさんじ) : deputy councilor

主幹(しゅかん) : chief editor, managing editor

主査(しゅさ) : chief examiner or investigator

課長(かちょう)代理(だいり) acting chief of a section

営業部(えいぎょうぶ)長(ちょう) chief of the sales department / business(sales) manager

工場長(こうじょうちょう) : factory manager / plant superintendent

PR担当(たんとう) : PR manager, the person in charge with PR

秘書(ひしょ)(幹事(かんじ)): secretary

支店長(してんちょう) : branch manager

参与(さんよ) : counselor / consultant

Departments in the company :

総務部 soumubu : General Affairs Department / Administration Department

人事部 jinjibu : Human Resources Division / Personnel Affairs Department

法務部 houmubu : Legal Deaprtment / Office of Legal Affairs

経理部 keiribu : Accounting Department / Accounting Division

財務部 zaimubu : Finance Department / Financial Affairs Division

マーケティング部 ma-ketingu : Marketing Department

宣伝部 densenbu : Advertising Department

広報部 houkokubu : Public Relations Department

販売促進部 hanbai sokushinbu : Promotion Division

調査部 shousabu : Research Department / Information & Research Division

営業部 eigyoubu : Business Department / Sales Department

営業推進部 eigyou sokushinbu : Business Promotion Department

購買(仕入)部 koubaibu : Purchasing Department

流通部 ryuutsuubu : Logistics Department

開発部 kaihatsubu : Development Department

技術部 gijutsubu :  Engineering Department

研究室 kenkyuushitsu Research Department (Laboratory)

製造部 seizoubu : Manufacturing Division / Production Department

資材部 zaimubu : Material Department / Supplies Division

輸出部 yushutsubu : Export Department

企画部 kikakubu : Planning Department (Business Strategy Room)

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