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3 ways to learn Japanese vocabulary effectively

There are many ways to learn Japanese vocabulary. Today, learnjapanesedaily will introduce some common ways to learn Japanese vocabulary. If you can put these ways into practice, it will assist you in remember vocabulary in your mind longer.

3 ways to learn Japanese vocabulary effectively

Form sentence and remember words by specific situations

It is considered an effective method to learn Japanese vocabulary. In fact, trying to remember one single word will be more difficult than putting it in a sentence. Besides, it is easier to forget a single word. You also can remember such word without its meaning and its usage in a specific situation. Therefore, learning a new word placed in a sentence helps you to remember better. This method also assists you to get its meaning along with its circumstance of usage. Several people love to learn to sing. Singing definitely assists them to keep simple sentences in mind because of the melody. Sometimes you may feel lyrics as playing kids who keep dancing in your head and swaying to the music.

However, each song only has a limited number of words to learn, and not all words from a song are suitable for your learning.

Try to use more new words as possible

Many types of research showed that a new word will quickly become an automatic reflex if you use it many times (about 30 times). If you pay attention in using a new word in daily circumstances or making many sentences, you can remember it faster and longer. In opposite way, some new words are difficult to remember due to they are rarely used. For example, ‘hitsuji’ is a sheep but it is hardly remembered as a sheep is not popular in many countries. Even in dialogue, people in those countries do not mention a sheep much. With such few time in use, you properly forget its meaning though you have been learning Japanese for 10 years. The main reason is we do not use it much, so do other words.

Utilize your imagination

You should not blame yourself of poor imagination as it is scientifically approved that every single person in the world has the enormous ability to imagine. Now it is time for you to utilize it. In the case of having a few communication time, you may simply close your eyes. Then, you try to imagine a communication situation and contact with partners in that situation.

I know that it looks a bit ambiguous. But just try this way and you can realize its results. This method is extremely effective for imaginative people.

Embed deeply, embed deeper

With difficult, long new words, you should create a story for each. The more sorrowful, horror, impressive the story is, the better you remember such word. You should also know about clues which remind you of some forgot words. For example, to remember ‘hachi’ with meaning as a bee, we have a story as follows: “There is a bee seeking honey. By reaching a flower, its allergy made him sneeze …hat…chi…” Sneezed sound is really like the pronunciation of ‘hachi’. If the image of a bee is not clear enough, you cannot create a sneezed sound in your mind. Hence, you cannot link the meaning of ‘hachi’ and a bee as our suggestion.

Therefore, we should create many linkages of a new word in our mind to remember that word well. It means you need to use your senses and imagination as much as possible to create the deepest impression. (Some people can focus even when opening their eyes). All the ways of remembering Japanese vocabulary come toward a unique purpose: creating more linkages.

Last but not least, the most important thing is not to waste your practice time when you already got the right method. Unless trying these ways to learn Japanese vocabulary, you will never realize its effects. So, do not hesitate! Try it! Practice in an enthusiastic manner!

From my own view, learning foreign languages requires industriousness. But you can also learn more effective and save your time by applying the correct method. Wish you are always diligent and can choose your most suitable learning method.

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