10 Japanese words per day

10 japanese words per day 12210 japanese words per day 122 .

10 japanese words per day 122. Let’s learn 10 japanese new words everyday. these words are the most common japanese words used in everyday conversation and in JLPT Tests. These words are taken from 1000 common Japanese words.

10 japanese words per day 122

1211. 敬語

Reading : けいごkeigo
Meaning : polite speech, honorific

Example :

gaikokujin ha yoku keigo wo machigai masu
Foreigners often make mistakes when using (Japanese) polite speech (keigo).

1212. 欠席

Reading : けっせきkesseki
Meaning : absence

Example :

kyou yamata san ha kesseki shi mashi ta
Mr, Yamada is absent today.

1213. スイッチ

Reading : スイッチsuicchi
Meaning : switch

Example :

kono kikai no suitchi ha doko desu ka
Where’s the switch button for this machine?

1214. 掃除

Reading : そうじsouji
Meaning : cleaning

Example :

musuko ha ichi do mo heya wo souji shi mase n
My son doesn’t clean his room even once.

1215. 畳

Reading : たたみtatami
Meaning : straw mat

Example :

kono heya ha roku jou desu
This room is 6 tatami wide

1216. 速さ

Reading : はやさhayasa
Meaning : speed

Example :

kono shingata na kuruma no haya sa ha dore kurai desu ka
What’s the speed of that new car?

1217. 林

Reading : はやしhayashi
Meaning : woods, forest

Example :

ima hayashi wo kowashi te biru wo tsukuru genshou ga ohi desu
Nowadays, there’re some occurances that people destroy forests to make buildings.

1218. プレゼント

Reading : プレゼントpurezento
Meaning : present (loan word)

Example :

imouto ni purezento wo age mashi ta
I gave my younger sister the present.

1219. 弁当

Reading : べんとうbentou
Meaning : boxed lunch

Example :

mainichi haha ha bentou wo jumbi shi te kure mashi ta
Everyday, my mom prepares for me a lunchbox.

1220. いつでも

Reading : いつでもitsudemo
Meaning : at all times, any time

Example :

ano shi ha itsu demo genki sou desu ne
That kid seems like he’s healthy all the time.

above is 10 japanese words per day 122. See more similar posts on the same category : 10 japanase words per day.

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