Most common Japanese verbs list

Most common Japanese verbs listMost common Japanese verbs list

Hi everyone, in this article, Learn Japanese online will introduce to you Most common Japanese verbs list. These are basic verbs, expressing the actions we take every day. This article is written for new learners of Japanese, even if you have not memorized hiragana and katakana alphabets. To memorize these verbs, when you do something, read them in your brain or read aloud. Just a few days of practicing like that, you can tell what you are doing 🙂

This is a way of learning words associated with daily activities, like the way children approach and form reflections with vocabulary (this is the form of using foreign languages directly to thinking that Learning Japanese online mentioned in thinking exercises in Japanese), so you don’t need to make sentences but just need to repeat many times to become reflexes 🙂

おきる – okiru : to get up

みる – miru : to see

たべる – taberu : to eat

のむ – nomu : to drink

きる – kiru : to cut, to put on,…

さわる -sawaru : touch

ひらく -hiraku: to open (the door, business)

しめる- shimeru : to close

よぶ  – yobu : to call

はなす – hanasu : to talk

すわる -suwaru : to sit down

たつ – tatsu : to stand up

まなぶ -manabu : to learn

おす -osu : to push

ひく – hiku : to hit

あげる -ageru: to give

もらう – morau: to get

あらう – arau : to wash

あびる -a biru: to take a shower

ねる – neru: to sleep

Above are 20 common Japanese verbs, please remember them with your daily actions :). Learn this article, you don’t not need to carry books, you can practise anytime, anywhere: D

Wish you study well !

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