Geminate consonants in Japanese

Geminate consonants in Japanese

When learning Japanese, you will be familiar with the basic concepts of pronunciation : long vowels, geminate consonants, voiceless consonants… In this post,  Learn Japanese Daily will introduce to you the lesson: Geminate consonants in Japanese.

Geminate consonants in Japanese

What is geminate consonant in Japanese?

In Japanese, there are some sounds that we stop when we pronounce. After stopping pronouncing that sound for a while, we continue to pronounce the next sound. In addition, when pronouncing a geminate consonant sound, we link the consonant of the following letter to the vowel of the previous one.

How to write

Gemination in Japanese is represented with a small tsu っ. For example : きって、きっぷ、いっき. いっぱい

How to pronounce

For example, with the word きって (stamp): き has the final vowel is [i] ([i] in [ki]). て the initial consonant is [t] ([t] in [te]). We will link the initial consonant of て to the final vowel of き: [ki] become [kit], then we stop pronouncing for a while (equal to the time we pronounce the sound [kit]), and then, we pronounce the sound [te]. So the word きって is pronounced as [kit_te].

Similarly, we have きっぷ (ticket) is pronounced as [kip_pu]. いっき (one breath) is pronounced as [ik_ki] (With the consonant k, we can turn it into t: [it_ki). いっぱい (full) is pronounced as [ip_pai].

The consonants behind small tsu っ (geminate consonant) are usually in rows of T (ta chi tsu te to), K (ka ki ku ke ko), p (pa pi pu pe po).

How to type small tsu っ

There are 2 ways :

+ Type according to romaji of the geminate consonant : We double the consonant behind small tsu っ. For example : きって is typed as kitte. きっぷ – kippu、いっき – ikki, いっぱい – ippai

+ Type small tsu っ: Small tsu っ is typed with the keys {xtu}. We type the other letters as usual.

Above is : Geminate consonants in Japanese. See other similar posts at category : Japanese particles

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