Basic conversation in Japanese

Basic conversation in Japanese

When you learn any kind of language, communication, in other words, conversation is a very important. However, conversation is still a difficult problem for many people learning Japanese. Therefore, today in order to help you improve your conversation skills, Learn Japanese online will introduce the article: Basic conversation in Japanese

Basic conversation in Japanese

Conversation ( 会話、かいわ、kaiwa) in Japanese requires the basic skill of listening and speaking Japanese. In other words, when you communicate in Japanese, you have to understand what the other person is saying and must respond accordingly. The conversation topic usually revolves around the basic situation of life, so it has very high applicability. Unlike English or Vietnamese, Japanese has many fixed sentence patterns for each case that you should master to be able to communicate well.

Some basic conversation topics in Japanese

The topics in the conversation are divided into several areas such as:

Conversation when you meet someone(人と会うときの会話)

Conversations at offices, schools, public places, …(会社や学校や高校機関での会話)

Conversation when shopping(買い物のときの会話)

Daily conversation(日常の会話)

Some basic conversation patterns in Japanese

Basic greetings.

Good morning!

Hello/ Hi(use for all cases).

Bye bye/ Goodbye (Currently most Japanese do not use さ よ な ら anymore because it means “Farewell”.)

I’m sorry(formal).


Thank you.

Introduce yourself when first meet

Hello!(use when first meet).

What’s your name?

私の名前はOOです。(or can use 私はOOです。)
My name is OO.

I’m OO.

わたしは OOです。
I’m OO. (Example: わたしは がくせいです。- I’m a student)

And you are?

Glad to meet you.

どうぞ、よろしくおねがいいたします。(More formal)
Nice to meet you.


こちらこそ、よろしくおねがいいします。(more formal)
Thank you very much.

Ask about objects and places.

すいません。これ/それ/あれは なんですか。(or これ/それ/あれは?)
Excuse me. What’s this/ that?

This/ That is OO.

すいません。OOは どこですか。
Excuse me. Where is OO?

OO is here/ there.

ああ、わかりました! どうも ありがとう ございます。
A! I understand. Thank you!

You are welcome.

Ask about time

すいません。いま なんじですか。
Excuse me. What’s time is it?

It’s is OO.

What time does bank work (from to)?

From OO to OO.

I don’t understand clearly.

When introducing one person to another

しょうかいします。(わたしの){ 妻つま/夫おっと/父ちち/母はは/姉あね }です。
Let me introduce. This is my {wife/ husband / father / mother / sister}.

This is my friend OO .

This is  OO. (formal)

He/ She is OO.

When eating in the restaurant

When you enter the restaurant, the staff will say:

いらっしゃいませ。どうぞ こちらへ。
Welcome. Please go this way.

すいません。OOを ください。
Excuse me. Please…

OOが ありますか。
Do you have OO?

Service staffs often say:
はい。しょうしょう おまち ください。
Yes. Please wait a moment.

Thank you.

Excuse me. We have O people, have an empty table?

Service staffs often answer:
すいません。いま いっぱいで。
Excuse me. It’s full now.

Yes. We have empty table.

When going by a taxi

OOおねがい します。
Please take me to OO(Example: はねだくうこうおねがいします。- Please take me to Haneda Airport)

どのぐらい かかりますか。
How much does it cost?

If the driver doesn’t know the way, you’ll have to guide them:

つぎの しんごう、みぎに おねがい します。
Turn right at the next signal light.

ここを まっすぐ いって ください。
Please go straight from here.

When you booking by phone

Hello, is this OO? (Example:  ABCびょういんですか。- is ABC hospital?)

OOともうしますが、よやく おねがい します。
I’m OO, I want to make a reservation.

O時は あいていますか。
Will you be free at OO?

では、O時に おねがい します。
So I’ll make a reservation at O.

When talking on the phone.

Hello/ Hi. I’m OO.

If the person you want to talk to is not there:
Could you tell OO that…?

おねがい いたします。
Please help me!

I understand.

Above is article: Basic conversation in Japanese. Invite you see more articles in catagore Basic Japanese.

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