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Medical terms in Japanese

Hello everyone! In this post, Learn Japanese Daily will introduce to you some medical terms in Japanese

Medical terms in Japanese

Medical terms in Japanese

クリニック (kuri nikku) : clinic. In Japan, patients usually go to the clinic first. If the clinic cannot cure patients, they will introduc patients to the hospital. Patients must pay initial money for their first medical examination at the clinic or hospital. The amount of money that patients must pay at the clinic is less than at the hospital. If patients have a referral from the clinic, they don’t have to pay this amount of money.

病院 (byouin) : hospital

医者をみにいく (isha wo mini iku) : to go to the doctor

診察しに行く (shinsatsu ni iku) : to go for medical examination

目/歯/頭/お腹/耳…が痛い (me / ha / atama / mimi … ga itai) : sore eyes, toothache, headache, stomach ache, earache, etc.

呼吸しにくい (koukyu shinikui) : to be difficult in breathing

レントゲンをとる (rentogen wo toru) : to take X-ray

採血する (saiketsu suru) : collect blood

尿を採ってください (nyou wo totte kudasai) : Please take urine

吸入する (kyuunyuu suru) : inhale

かび (kabi) : mildew

MRIをとる (emu aru ai wo toru) : get an MRI

CT検査 (shiti kensa) : CT examination

処方せん (shohousen) : prescription

内視鏡  (naishikyou) : endoscope. 内視鏡検査 (naishikyou kensa) : endoscopy. 内視鏡手術 (naishikyou shujutsu) : endoscopic surgery

Name of departments in hospital

内科 naika : Department of internal medicine

Internal medicine is the department that treats internal diseases by medical procedures rather than surgical procedures.

消化器内科 (shoukaki naika) : gastrointestinal medicine

心臓血管内科 (shinzou kekkan naika) : cardiovascular medicine

呼吸器内科 (koukyuki naika) : respiratory medicine

小児科 (shouni ka) : pediatrics

外科 : Department of surgery

It treats external diseases or internal organs by surgery.

心臓血管外科 (shinzou kekkan geka) : cardiovascular surgery

整形外科 (seikei gaika) : orthopaedic surgery

脳神経外科 (noushinkei gaika) : neurosurgery

形成外科 (keisei gaika) : plastic surgery

皮膚科 (hifuka) : dermatology

泌尿器科 (hinyoukika) : urology

産婦人科 (sanfu jinka) : department of obstetrics and gynaecology

耳鼻咽喉科 (jibi inkou ka) : otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat)

頭頸部外科 (toukeibu geka) : head and neck surgery

眼科 (ganka) : ophthalmology

精神神経科 (seishin sinkei ka) : neuropsychiatry

放射線科 (houshasenka) : radiology department

歯科・口腔外科 (shika koukuu geka) : dental surgery

The normal order of medical examination in Japan

When you go to the clinic:

受付 (uketsuke) : receipt

When going to the clinic or hospital, you need to do procedures for registration of medical examination.

If it’s your first medical examination, you have to enter the initial information (previous serious diseases, drug allergies , etc.), then you need to show your personal identification card (driver license, alien registration card) and insurance card. After the first medical examination, you will receive : 診察券 (shinsatsuken) : patient’s registration ticket.

For the first examination, you will be listed in the group of 外来 (gairai : outpatient). At the first examination, you should say “hajimete desu” (I take medical examination for the first time).

In your next examination (再診 – saishin : re-examination), you need to show appointment paper, 診察券 (shinsatsuken) and insurance card.

Then you will receive a number (or not) and wait for your turn.

診察 (shinsatsu) : medical examination

Before seeing the doctor, you may be asked about the condition by the nurse, or be asked to measure blood pressure, collect blood, take urine, etc.

Then you will be examined directly by the doctor and assigned to take another examination.

After taking all the medical examinations for diagnosing the disease, you will return to the clinic to get diagnosis.


After the examination, you will return to the reception and wait to be called for paying. After paying money, you will get a prescription. If the hospital has payment machine, you will receive a prescription and examination card. You will bring the examination card to the payment machine and then pay the examination fee.

Buying medicine

You will go to a nearby pharmacy and give them the prescription and insurance card to buy medicine.  For the first time you buy medicine, you have to fill out a questionnaire (name, drug allergy, etc.).

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