Learn japanese alphabet hiragana through game

Learn japanese alphabet hiragana through gameLearn japanese alphabet hiragana through game

Learn japanese alphabet hiragana through game. Hi everyone! anyone who starts studying Japanese has to learn Hiragana and Katakana characters. With the number of letters, those alphabet might a bit rough to learn.

To  help you to easily to understand and memorize these two characters, Learn Japanese Online will introduce to you a simple but funny game so that you can learn your lesson in the most pleasant way. The rules are easy as well, however, it requires not only you to apply yourself to it but also to remember the letters. By that way, the images of those letters go into your mind automatically.

Learn japanese alphabet hiragana through game

Instruction :

You will start with a row of letters in the first round. Try to understand those letters. Then click on the letter to listen to the sound. Memorizing how they are pronounced is very useful to your future study.

After you have already acquired the stuffs, click on the “play” button to start. There are letter dropped from the top of the screen, then you must choose the right answer among 4 ones. If you have wrong answer or let the letter go away, you’ll gain -1 point ;).

The way to get rank up is that you win at least 50 points. That requirement depends on time and level of each round.

To replay the previous round, click on “replay” button. To move to the next round : again click on “play” button. Note: if you haven’t pass the round and want to retry, you must click on “play” not “replay” button.

The game is best supported on computer. I will add the androi and IOS version if there are more player 🙂

Learn Japanese Online  hope that you can quickly take in the alphabets 😉

Above is the article: Learn japanese alphabet hiragana through game. Japanese is funny as long as you love it. To play more games, go to : Learn Japlanese through game

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