Learn Japanese vocabulary through the game nakimushiko

Learn Japanese vocabulary through game nakimushikoLearn Japanese vocabulary through game nakimushiko

Learn Japanese vocabulary through game nakimushiko. Hi everyone, in this post, Learn Japanese online will learn some new words about fruit by playing a funny game : 泣き虫子 nakimushiko : the crybaby.

Learn Japanese vocabulary through game nakimushiko

Instruction :

In this game, you are in the role as a babysitter, and your duty is to keep the crybaby hanachan not crying 😀 . During the round, little hanachan will ask you to give her a kind of fruit. There is a line of word beside the girl, that is the hint for you. Within a limit of time (8s in easy level, 5s in hard level), You need to choose exactly the fruit she wants. With each right answer you gain 1 point, otherwise, she will burst into tear and you lose 🙂

Try to gain as many point as you can  🙂 . If you haven’t got  familiar with the game, you should play in easy level at first, then you can turn to the higher level to creat a reflexion with vocabularies.

Some game’s vocab :

ポイト:point, mark

簡単(かんたん): easy, simple

難しい(むずかしい): hard, difficult

早く(はやく): hurry up

残りの時間(のこりのじかん): remaining time

欲しい(ほしい): want something, desire, demand

任務(にんむ): misson, duty, task

失敗(しっぱい): fail, lose

完了(かんりょう): complete, finish.

The game is best supported on computer. I will add the androi and IOS version if there are more player 🙂

To see more vocab about fruit, go to : Japanese vocabulary about fruit on learnjapanesedaily.com

Above is the post Learn Japanese vocabulary through game nakimushiko. Let’s learn some reference lessons in : Learn Japanese through game

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